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Digiscoping is the making of photos and/or videos with a digital camera or smartphone through a Spotting Scope, Binoculars, Telescope and/or Microscope. Spotting scopes have a very high magnification and can therefore bring an object many times closer. When combined with a camera, they can (just like a telephoto lens) photograph objects from a great distance perfectly. Digiscoping is a commonly used technique used by birdwatchers to photograph birds in their own environment without disturbing the birds.

Digiscoping at Benel

At Benel we have digiscoping capabilities for all our spotting scope brands. Using a digiscoping adapter, you can easily connect your camera to your spotting scope. This is possible for SLRs, compact cameras and smartphones. In addition, we have created a special page with a number of important tips for taking good digiscoping photos. These tips can be found on the page: 10 Tips for Digiscoping

Digiscoping Partner

Recently, Benel has a collaboration with the famous English Digiscoper Simon Brumby. Simon is a fanatical digiscoper from the northeast of England, who has followed his heart to our low countries. He has been working in the digiscoping profession for many years and brings with him a lot of experience. Do you want to know more about Simon and his work?
Take a look at his page: Simon Brumby - English Digiscoper in the Dutch low lands.

Digiscoping with digital compact cameras

Compact cameras are small versatile cameras with (often) a fixed lens for easy and fast photo taking. Most compact cameras are equipped with an automatic mode that selects the right settings per photo. So you don't need any extra knowledge to take photos.
Because compact cameras have a fixed lens, they must be connected to a spotting scope by means of a special universal camera adapter. Here, the lens of the camera is aligned with the eyepiece of the spotting scope and you shoot with the camera through the eyepiece of the spotting scope. Examples of universal camera adapters can be found here.

Digiscopen with SLR Cameras

DSLR cameras are cameras with which different types of lenses can be used. This makes it possible for the photographer to have more control and possibilities when taking a picture. This type of camera is often used by professionals and advanced amateur photographers. When using this type of camera it is important to know about ISO, shutter speed and aperture. The values next to the quality of the camera are very important when taking the "perfect" picture.

For digiscoping with DSLR cameras, almost every spotting scope brand has a special adapter that allows you to make a real telephoto lens of your spotting scopes using a T2 ring. With the spotting scopes from Konus (the konuspot series) this is included as standard. For the remaining spotting scopes of our brands it is possible to purchase this additional adapter. Then you only have to buy a T2 ring that is suitable for your camera (look here for our range of T2 rings).

Digiscoping with Smartphones

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone with a camera on it. With a special smartphone adapter it is possible to pair your smartphone with binoculars or spotting scope. Our supplier Kowa offers special spotting scope adapters for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy


Nowadays, many binoculars and spotting scopes carry the description ED, HD or XD. This is an indication that the product contains special glass that enables high definition (HD) images. These binoculars or spotting scopes have an extremely sharp image, but are also slightly more expensive compared to 'normal' binoculars or spotting scopes.