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A microphone is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound in the air into an electrical signal.

Directional Microphones

Also known as a shotgun microphone, directional microphones are highly suited to videography and interviews. A directional microphone is extremely sensitive to sounds directly in front of it and can black out ambient noise to the side and rear.

Using a directional microphone does require some attention due to the sensitivity of the device. This sensitivity makes it possible for the person who is speaking to be muted and instead, the sounds of the surrounding environment to be amplified. To overcome this it is important to constantly check the signal of the microphone through a set of headphones. For spaces where there is a strong resonance such as a bathroom or basement, it is advised not to use a directional microphone as the sound becomes very dull.


Condensor Microphones

Condenser microphones are most commonly found in recording studios due to their sensitivity to loud sounds. Condenser microphones have a much greater frequency and transit response than directional microphones. 48 volts of “phantom power” is needed to power the condenser microphone which can be supplied through most mixing boards or external power supplies.

There are two types of condenser microphones available; small diaphragm and large diaphragm condenser microphones. Small diaphragm condenser microphones (SDCMs) are generally used reproduce fast sounds due to their solid, frequent and transient response. Generally, SDCMs are used both in the studio and on stage for example, recording hi-hat sounds. Large diaphragm condenser microphones (LDCMs) are used for recording vocals and instruments where a deep sound is desired.  

Stereo Microphones

A stereo microphone integrates two microphones in one unit in order to produce a stereophonic signal. A stereo microphone is often used for broadcasting applications or field recording where it would be impractical to configure two separate condenser microphones in a classic X-Y configuration for stereophonic recording. Many of the stereo microphones have an adjustable angle of coverage between the two channels.


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