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Drop Shipment

If you wish, Benel can have your order delivered directly to your customer. If you would like to apply for this extra service, please contact us. Once this function has been activated on your account, you can enter your customer’s mailing address in the shopping cart.


If you would like to use our dropshipment service, we will ship the package directly to your customer.
For this you pay a fee per parcel, regardless of the order value.
The prices are mentioned on the shipping costs page

You can place a dropshipment order by following these 5 simple steps:

1. Fill in your alternative shipping address and save
2. You will need to save this alternative address before it can be used
3. Once save, this alternative address will automatically become the shipping address for your order
4. Select the “This is a drop shipment order” box to create a drop shipment order.
5. Then click “NEXT” to continue with your order

In your order overview you will see that you have placed a drop shipment order.