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Repairs and Returns

In order to avoid unnecessary returns, we ask you to contact our team at Benel on 0528-234828.

Is your product faulty or have you received the wrong product? At Benel we are more than happy to help. Benel has its own repair department and is therefore able to provide their customers with expert and timely assistance. Please see the following frequently asked questions, the solution might be easier than you think!

Checking the Item Yourself…

 To avoid sending back your product for no reason, please refer our frequently asked questions first before sending your item back to us. Generally, most issues can be resolved by reading the frequently asking questions first. If your question/answer is not listed in the frequently asked questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team

What About the Warranty on the Equipment?


My Studio Flash does not work or is Defective, what Should I do?

I've Received my Order but the Packaging is Damaged, what Should I do?

Please check the package before you accept it. If you see any damage, please report this immediately on the supplied transportation packaging list

As soon as possible, photograph the damaged package and contact Benel on (0031 528-234828)

I've just Received my Order but it's Incomplete, what Should I do?

Did you order long background rolls (2,75)? These rolls are offered by another delivery company and will arrive separately.

Please check the packaging list whereby the items you should have received are listed. A temporarily unavailable product is always put on backorder and will be delivered to you when the item is back in stock.

I've Accidently Ordered the Wrong Product/put the Wrong Product in my Shopping Cart, what Should I do?

During the shopping process, you chose for a certain product, but after receiving it, you concluded that you ordered the wrong one.
At Benel it is possible to exchange your incorrectly ordered product for the correct one. For this we charge €10,- handling costs. The costs for sending back the incorrectly ordered product are for your own account.

If you want to return your product, then Benel will charge € 10,- handling costs.
If the product is accept as a valid return, than it will be credit with the next order.
To avoid unaccepteble returns, please make sure that the packaging and product is in origional state.

Would you please print, fill in and send this form with each product?

Please click on the following image to download the Repair form.


Extra: The repair form opens in a new window.

Repairs (including the RMA-form) should be sent to:

Post E-mail
Benèl BV Benèl BV
re: Repair re: Repair
Buitenvaart 1127 A reparatie@benel.nl
7905 SE Hoogeveen  
The Netherlands  


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