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Article Changes / End of Life

Below are the ways with which you as a Benel customer can keep your assortment up to date.

1) Sale
With such a large product range it is absolutely neccessary to 'clean up' the assortment regularly.  Existing articles will be replaced by newer versions or will not be available anymore. Also products that have been used as demo models during one of the many trade    fairs where Benel is represented, can still be used perfectly. You will find all these products in our category "Sale". You can enter the Sale category by clicking on the following link: SALE.

2) Price List
If you are searching for the price of a product or want to know if a particular product is still being supplied, you are able to log into your Benel account and view your personalized pricelist. This pricelist can be downloaded after login under the “my details” tab and then under the “welcome” tab. This price list contains a stock indication per product, the wholesale price (excl VAT) and the recommended retail price (inc VAT).

3) CSV File
If you wish to receive an automatic product data feed, we provide the possibility for a CSV file. A CSV file contains a personalized data feed with prices, information about the current stock, products etc. The CSV file is automatically updated every day once at 8:00 on Monday through to Friday. After login, you can download the CSV file under “My details” tab and then under the “Welcome” tab, or you can request an automatic feed. Please contact us for more information on our telephone number: +31 (0)528-234828

4) End of Life (EOL)
With the below link you are able to download and view an Excel spreadsheet showing the products that have been discontinued in the past year. Click on the “EOL” button to download this list to your computer. This document will download in CSV format and this way you are able to easily amend your data.