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f Orangemonkie Smart Dome with Smartphone Mount Kit
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Orangemonkie Smart Dome with Smartphone Mount Kit

The Foldio360 Smart Dome by Orangemonkie is a complete 360 degree studio, which allows you to effortlessly take professional packshots and 360 shots of your products. You can take photos of objects up to 15x15x15 cm. The round shape of the Foldio360 ensures optimal reflection and good light diffusion. You use the Smart Dome to take product shots with your smartphone or DSLR camera with a smooth white background. You control the lighting and the built-in turntable with the smartphone app (iPhone and Android) or software for macOS (coming soon).

This set comes with Smartphone Mount Kit

The Smartphone Mount Kit by Orangemonkie is an accessory for the Smart Dome, which allows you to place your smartphone stably in front of the opening of the Smart Dome. This allows you to effortlessly take beautiful pack shots, 360 degree photos and videos. Because the Smartphone Mount Kit consists of metal parts, you can count on a long lifetime. You can use the Smartphone Mount Kit with smartphones from 6 to 9 cm.

The Smartphone Mount Kit consists of the following parts:

  • Metal ball head. At the bottom there is a 5/8" thread, which fits onto the Smart Dome thanks to the 1/4" adapter.
  • Quick release plate. Allows you to easily remove the smartphone from the head without removing your smartphone from the clamp.
  • Smartphone clamp. This metal smartphone clamp holds your smartphone securely. The sides are equipped with a soft foam, which reduces the chance of damaging your smartphone.

Application Smartphone Mount Kit

If you want to start making professional smartphone recordings with the Smart Dome right away, the Smartphone Mount Kit is the ideal tool. Thanks to the universal operation, you can make the most beautiful photos and videos with almost any smartphone, from exactly the right angle.

The steps in a row:

1. Take pictures with your DSLR camera, smartphone or PC.
2. Edit photos with the Foldio360 app or PC360 software.
3. Export as JPG, PNG, HTML or MP4 files.

Features Smart Dome

On both the front and top of the Smart Dome you will find an opening. This makes it possible to record both products that are placed flat on the turntable, through the top, and products that are standing upright, through the front. There is a separate smartphone holder available (see optional accessories) which allows you to easily take pictures from the right angle. On the top you will find two flexible clips to attach (for example) a chain.

Turntable Smart Dome

In the Smart Dome there is a turntable of Ø 22 cm. You can place products up to 2.8 kg on it. Depending on the mode - chosen in the app - the turntable stops for a moment when the picture is taken or keeps on turning in the video mode.

LED Illumination Smart Dome

Hidden behind the walls of the Smart Dome are no fewer than 258 LED lights, which provide a diffuse-lit environment. This ensures that you capture products with as little shadow as possible and they look natural. There are 129 warm LEDs (2300K) and 129 cold LEDs (5600K) present. This allows you to easily adjust the color temperature based on any ambient light. The CRI value is 95+, which ensures a natural reproduction of the product's colors. The turntable and lighting are powered by the included adapter (12v 4A).

Smart Dome Connections

On the back of the Smart Dome there are three connectors:

- 2.5 mm port, for connection to a camera
- Power port, for the supplied adapter
- Micro USB, for internal purposes (not in use)

Connecting devices

This is how you connect the devices:

Operation with smartphone app:

The Smart Dome is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. If instead of the smartphone camera, you want to use your DSLR camera to take pictures, you can connect it to the Smart Dome in two ways. The Smart Dome has a built-in infrared transmitter that can trigger a camera with a built-in infrared receiver (Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony). If your camera does not have an infrared receiver, you can also connect the Smart Dome to your camera with a suitable 2.5mm cable (available elsewhere).

Operation with macOS

When using the Smart Dome with the software for macOS, the Smart Dome connects to your computer via Bluetooth. You connect your camera to your computer with a USB cable. In this way your computer can control the lighting and the turntable and trigger your camera at the right moment.

Application Smart Dome

If you want to start making packshots, videos and 360-spins of products up to 15x15x15 cm in a professional way, the Smart Dome is the ideal solution. A perfect tool for web store owners or other activities where you want to photograph objects with good lighting conditions every time.


  • SmartDome:
  • 1x Foldio 360 Smart Dome
  • 1x Top cover
  • 1x Front cover
  • 1x Inlay for front cover
  • 3x Leg (one threaded for Smartphone mount Kit)
  • 1x Power adapter
  • 4x Power adapter attachment (EU, UK, USA, CN)
  • 1x User manual (EN)
  • 1x Packaging

  • Smartphone Mount Kit:
  • 1x Ball head
  • 1x Quick release plate
  • 1x Smartphone clamp

Currently out of stock.
Expected delivery time: 6 weeks
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Price incl. VAT: from € 506,95 for € 479,00

Article number:Help2517

With Orangemonkie's products, you can have your own little 360-degree studio at home. The popular Foldio and Smart Dome sets provide you with all the accessories you need to photograph smaller products in 360 degrees, with an even white background. The turntables can be controlled with your smartphone and photos can be saved automatically. Using free software, you can easily create 360-degree "spins." Ideal when you want to present your products in a modern and distinctive way in your webshop. 360 degree photography is the future!





• Very suitable for product photography of jewelry, watches and eyewear, for example
• The compact solution for photographing smaller products in 360 degrees all around
• Easily create 360-degree "spins" with easy-to-understand software
• Compatible with your smartphone (iOS and Android) and many DSLR cameras
• We offer a 2-year warranty on items from Orangemonkie

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