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f Photorobot Carousel 5000 Turntable 500 cm
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Photorobot Carousel 5000 Turntable 500 cm

The Photorobot Carousel 5000 is a big turntable for 360 degree photography. The turntable has a diameter of 5m and allows you to automatically photograph a product from all sides.

When taking pictures on large objects such as cars, tractors or couches, the safety during loading and unloading is extremely important. With the Carousel 5000 there is no need for a crane or hoist and there are no dangerous slopes to drive up to. Thanks to the flat design (the height is only 78 mm) vehicles can easily drive on and off again


The Carousel 5000 comes with a software licence for Controls software included. Connect the Turntable to your computer or laptop. As the turntable is sold without a camera, a compatible camera is to be placed in a photo studio or on a tripod near the turntable. It is important to note that your camera must support Live View. Using the included software, the turntable and the camera are controlled. The turntable rotates stepwise and the camera takes pictures automatically. The software can be set to 4-360x to a photo shoot, so the animation can be as detailed as you want it to be and will render the photos into an animation file that can then be uploaded to your webshop.

Specificaties Carousel 5000

  • Diameter 500 cm
  • Maximal load 4000 kg
  • External engine
  • Low design, 78 mm only

Benel displays this turbtable in her showroom. If you have any further questions or if you would like to see the turntable in action, please contact us.


  • Carousel 5000
  • Control Unit + AC power cable
  • Motor cable (10 m) on spool
  • 15A motor cable (10 m) on spool

Currently out of stock.
Email me when in stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 35.875,00

Article number:Help291830
Dimensions:Help500 x 8 cm
Power supply:HelpAC
Max. central weight:Help4000 kg
Turntable:Help500 cm






PHOTOROBOT is a hardware and software manufacturer for 360-degree photography. The company designs, develops and manufactures high-end accessories, including complete turntables, shooting tables and related accessories. With these solutions, we offer you the ability to take professional, razor-sharp product photos in 360 degrees all around! Check out all of PhotoRobot's products here.