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f Linkstar Background System + Cloth Chroma Green 2.9 x 5m
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Linkstar Background System + Cloth Chroma Green 2.9 x 5m

The Linkstar background system comes with a chromakey green colored background cloth (2.9m x 5m) which is used often for photo and video productions. With the key function in your editing software, you can add any background fast and precize. Next to the AD-10, this cloth comes with the professional BS-2431 background system. The maximum height of the BS-2431 is 2.4 meters. The maximum width is 3.15 meters, with a practical use of 2.9 meters. (Because of the width of the included background cloth) The included canvas bag lets you carry the whole set easily.


  • 1 x Linkstar Background System BS-2431
  • 1 x Cloth Chroma Green AD-10 2.9 x 5m

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 149,90 for € 129,00

Article number:Help2199
Type:HelpStand hanging system
Suitable for:HelpBackground Cloths
Minimal height (cm):Help80
Maximum height (cm):Help240
Stand sections:Help4
Sections stand Ø (mm):Help25, 22, 19, 16
Diameter legs (mm):Help14
Spread (cm):Help80
Collapsed lenght (cm):Help80
Width cross bar (cm):Help315
Sections cross bar:Help1
Diameter cross bar (mm):Help25
Length (cm):Help315

Linkstar's assortment consists of a complete range of studio lighting and accessories to take the perfect picture. From studio strobes to LED lighting and from reflection screens to backdrops, Linkstar offers all the accessories you need as a photographer in your studio. Most products feature an S-bajonet (Bowens) connection, allowing accessories from many other brands to be easily combined with Linkstar lights.






LINKSTAR in short:

• Extensive range of photo equipment for the (semi-)professional and hobbyist
• Everything you need in your studio such as lighting, background paper and lamp accessories
• Modern line of LED lighting including bi-color soft-lamps and compact LED fresnel lamps
• Compatible with many other brands because of S-bajonet (Bowens) connection
• We offer a 2 year warranty on Linkstar products