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f Miops Spare Battery BL-5C
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Miops Spare Battery BL-5C

The BL-5C from Miops is a spare battery for the Smart Trigger. When the battery of you Smart Trigger is empty, you just need to replace it with this spare battery to get many hours of extra battery life. You can charge the battery with the Smart Trigger in approximately two hours. The BL-5C does have a battery capacity of 1020 mAh.

BL-5C in practice


The Miops Smart Trigger has a great battery life, but sometimes the battery is empty at a wrong moment. You can't plan a thunderstorm or timelapse. With the BL-5C spare battery you have many hours of extra battery life.


  • 1x BL-5C battery

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 24,95

Type:HelpSpare battery
Suitable for:HelpMiops Smart Trigger
Battery capacity (Ah):Help1020 mAh
Charging time (hours):Help+/- 2 hours
Dimensions (cm):Help5.5 x 3.5 x 0.9 cm
Weight (kg):Help20 grams

To take the most creative photos, MIOPS offers a range of compact, intelligent accessories that you can easily use with your own photographic equipment. For example, using these accessories, you can use your smartphone to control the camera, have your camera automatically triggered by lightning and create time-lapses, or just create beautiful waterdrop photos. Whatever accessory you use, with Miops you will create the most creative, unique photos.





MIOPS in short:

• Miops is the brand for creative, modern photographers
• Take the most beautiful waterdrop photos or trigger your camera by lightning, for example
• Compatible with most cameras and smartphones
• Easy to use with your existing photo and video equipment
• Items from Miops come with a standard 1-year warranty