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Limited Offer
f Tronix Generator Explorer Mini incl. Bag
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Tronix Generator Explorer Mini incl. Bag

The Tronix Explorer Mini is a portable and compact power supply that operates with most studio flash units up to 400Ws allowing you use your studio flash units outside and/or in a location without electricity. Multiple flash units can also be connected as long as their combined peak capacity does not exceed 1200Ws.

The batteries in the Tronix are filled with a gel. These batteries must be charged at least once every 3 months to prevent the gel from drying out. For this reason, there is a warranty period of 1 year available for the internal batteries. If the battery loses its capacity over time, it is possible to replace the battery yourself. These spare batteries are readily available at most specialist electronic shops. The Tronix has a built-in trickle charger, which will prevent the battery from dying and will keep the battery fully charged at any time when connected to a wall outlet. The Tronix Mini can be used on both 110V and 230V.

The generator contains replaceable batteries. These batteries have a warranty period of 1 year.

As an appendix to this product you will find a list of flash units with which the generator has been tested. Should you have any doubts about the compatibility, please feel free to contact us.


Number of Pops and Recycling time
EXP Mini Monolight flash Load
# of flashes/ recycling time 200WS 400 / <1sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 500WS 200 / 1 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 600WS 120+ / 1-2 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 1000WS 80+/ 3 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 1200WS 50+/ 4 sec
# of flashes/ recycling time 2400WS NA



  • Tronix Mini
  • Bag
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: from € 599,00 for € 399,00

Battery capacity (Ah):Help9
Charging time (hours):Help4-6
Maximum power (W):Help1200
Connections:Help1 x 230v
Dimensions (cm):Help10 x 20 x 34
Weight (kg):Help5
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload tronix explorer compatibility chart

Tronix: smart solutions!


The Tronix portable power supplies are well known in the land of Photography. They allow the photographer to build a photo studio on location. The Tronix batteries have a built-in inverter that provides 230V to devices, anywhere in the world. The complete delivery, high reliability and fast load complete the look. Indispensable for the photographer who wants to use studio equipment outside.

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