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Combo Offer
f 3x Konus Titanium Evo OH 10x42 with free 3x Konus Basic 10x25
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3x Konus Titanium Evo OH 10x42 with free 3x Konus Basic 10x25

In this combi, you will receive 3x the Konus Titanium Evo OH 10x42 and with it 3x the Konus Basic 10x25.

The Konus Basic 10x25 is an excellent binocular for the price-conscious customer. It is designed with a high-quality rubber casing and has Ruby Coated optics for a sharp image. These compact binoculars are suitable for travelling with you and are also good to use at concerts and sporting events. These binoculars are also great for young children!

KonusTitanium Evo OH 10x42 

The Titanium Evo from Konus is a pair of binoculars with 10 times magnification. The aperture of 42 mm brings a large amount of light inside. Thanks to the open bridge, you can hold the Titanium Evo firmly with both hands. The rubber casing absorbs small shocks, reducing the risk of fall and impact damage. This material also provides protection during a rainstorm.

Optical quality Titanium Evo

The Titanium Evo contains BAK-4 prisms. This allows an extra large amount of light to pass through, ensuring a clear and sharp image. The Titanium Evo's lenses are multi-coated, which provides more light output and a true-to-life look at the subject. The Titanium Evo is gas-filled and therefore resistant to differences in temperature and humidity.

Operating the Titanium Evo

There are several possibilities to adjust the Titanium Evo to your needs. For example, you can adjust the interpupillary distance of the binoculars, as an adjustment to the distance between your two eyes. If you are farsighted, with one eye having a greater deviation than the other, you can adjust the sharpness for that eye using the wheel. When wearing (sun) glasses, you can fold in the built-in rubber eye cups. The exit pupil (amount of light) of 4.2 ensures that even spectacle wearers experience sufficient clarity. You control the central focus with the rotary knob in the middle.

Titanium Evo accessories

The optional accessories include a special adapter, with which you can place the Titanium Evo on a tripod. Also available is a universal smartphone adapter with which you can take pictures through the lens of your Titanium Evo.

Application Titanium Evo

The viewer is ideal while traveling or spotting animals. Go to the forest with your Titanium Evo and discover birds, deer and other animals. The coatings, waterproofing and rubberized body ensure that you can enjoy the finest details confidently anywhere.


  • 3x Konus Titanium Evo OH 10x42 WP
  • 3x Konus Basic 10x25

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 431,85 for € 429,00

Binoculars Type:HelpRoof
Use:HelpTraveling, Bird spotting, Concerts, Opera/Theatre
Gas filled/waterproof:HelpNo
Warranty:Help2 Year

Those looking for bright, functional optics, but at the same time do not want to spend hundreds of euros will find an excellent solution with KONUS. The Italian Konus has a wide range of rifle scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes for hobbyists and semi-professional users. For example, Konus already has standard binoculars in its range for less than €20. You can also turn to Konus for more advanced products, such as rifle scopes with illuminated reticles for medium distances. Whatever you are looking for, Konus always offers an affordable solution.

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KONUS in short:

• Wide range of low-cost binoculars, spotting scopes and riflescopes
• Numerous entry and mid-range binoculars
• Bright, functional optics with an affordable price tag
• Popular among hunters, nature lovers and hikers working at shorter distances
• Konus items carry a 2-year warranty

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