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f Konus Binoculars Konusrange-2 10x42 with Rangefinder
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Konus Binoculars Konusrange-2 10x42 with Rangefinder

The Konusrange-2 10x42 is a binocular with rangefinder, which is extremely suitable for hunters and (sport)shooters. It is possible to use the Konusrange-2 with no less than 8 different measurements at distances from 5 to 1200 meters. Therefore, these binoculars may not be missing in the equipment of every rifle and bow hunter who wants to read the correct information quickly. Because of the low weight you can always take the Konusrange-2 with you and make sure it stays within reach.

The binoculars are equipped with a fine grip and with a weight of only 812 grams, the binoculars are easy to handle with one hand. Because the buttons are on the right-hand side, it is only possible to take measurements with your right hand. With your left hand you can support the Konusrange-2 to minimize movements.

Application Konus Binoculars Konusrange-2 10x42 with Rangefinder

The Konusrange-2 is easy to operate because all possible measurements can be done with two buttons. If desired, the measurements can be displayed in meters or yards. With the "O" button, the Konusrange-2 is switched on and measurements can be taken. With the "M" button you can easily switch between the different measurements. It is possible to display measurements in metres or yards.

Before taking measurements, the protective cap must be removed. The protective cap prevents unintentional viewing of the laser while the "O" button is pressed. This can lead to serious eye damage.

Different measurements (see image 9)

  1. Aiming: Measure the distance to the object (C)
  2. Flagpole Lock: Shows the distance to an object which is visible first.
  3. Fog; Makes it possible to take measurements in foggy conditions.
  4. Angle; Calculates the distance to the object and the angle of view. (A)
    Simply aim straight ahead, under the target and press the "O" button, then aim at the target and press the "O" button again. After this, the measurements are repeatedly displayed in succession.
  5. Linear distance; Displays the linear distance between you and the object (B)
  6. Height measurement; Displays the height of an object when it is higher than you. (D)
    Simply aim at the bottom of the height to be measured and press the "O" button. Keep the button pressed and move the binoculars upwards. Meanwhile, the measured altitude is displayed.
  7. Speed; Calculates the speed of the target with which it is moving. (Displayed in km/h or M/H)
    Simply aim at the target whose speed you want to measure and press the "O" button. Move with the target and press the "O" button again and the measured speed will be displayed.
  8. Scanning; Displays the respective distances to targets in order, up to a maximum of 20 measurements. This can be useful when the target is moving.
    Simply aim at the target whose speed you wish to measure and press and hold the "O" button while moving with the object.

Because of the twist-up eyepiece caps, the binoculars can be used by both spectacle wearers and non-glasses wearers.


  • 1x Konus Konusrange-2 10x42 with Rangefinder
  • 1x Carrying case with carrying strap
  • 1x Binoculars carrying strap
  • 1x Cleaning cloth
  • 2x Lens caps
  • 1x Rain cover
  • 1x CR2 Battery
  • 1x Multilingual user manual
  • 1x Deluxe packaging

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 569,00

Binoculars Type:HelpRoof
Use:HelpHunting, Sports
Exit pupil:Help4,2 mm
Lenscoating:HelpFully Multi Coated
Dimensions:Help17 x 13 x 6.5 cm (lxwxh)
Weight:Help812 grams
Light transmission:Help17,64
Twilight factor:Help20,49
Field of view at 1000m:Help80 m
Close focus distance:Help5 m
Coating:HelpFull multicoating
Diameter Objective:Help42 mm
Gas filled/waterproof:HelpYes
Focus mechanism:HelpIndividual focus mechanism, Central diopter mechanism
Twistup Eyecups:HelpYes
Tripod mount:HelpNo
Warranty:Help2 years
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload 437311 manual

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