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f StudioKing Teleprompter Autocue TEP02 for Tablets
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StudioKing Teleprompter Autocue TEP02 for Tablets

The TEP02 from StudioKing is a teleprompter that lets you read text while looking into the lens of your camera. This way, it seems as if you know the text by heart, while in reality you see the text scroll by on a mirrored plate. This technique is used worldwide on television and online. You can now get your own teleprompter very inexpensively, using your tablet or smartphone. The TEP02 works to film along with cameras and smartphones.

Application TEP02

When you want to tell a small or large amount of text fluently into the camera at once, the TEP02 is a good and inexpensive tool. You make your viewers wiser with a large amount of information, which you can prepare in advance by writing out the text. Teleprompters are also used for singing unfamiliar songs, so as not to forget the lyrics. Ideal for YouTube, instructional videos for companies and even telling a story on TV. The TEP02 is equipped with a coldshoe at the top. To this you can attach a microphone or LED light, some of which are recommended under optional accessories. Sometimes you need a hotshoe adapter for this (see optional accessories). There is a 1/4" female thread on the bottom of the TEP02 and its camera rack. This makes the TEP02 suitable for any common tripod.

Shooting with the TEP02

To start, you choose whether you want to take pictures with your smartphone or (DSLR) camera. When using your smartphone, place 1 of the 3 felt plates on the TEP02, based on which one best fits the shape of your smartphone's lenses. When using your camera, place the black cloth on the TEP02. When shooting with your smartphone, place your camera and the TEP02 on the included camera rack. A mini ball head is included for the camera. You then insert the lens through the black cloth and tie it around the lens with the elastic band. When using your smartphone, attach the smartphone clamp to the TEP02 and place your smartphone inside. Smartphones with a width of up to about 8 cm are suitable for this purpose.

Text playback with the TEP02

You need a smartphone for text playback. This cannot be the same smartphone with which you are filming. To play back text, grab the included remote control and turn it on. You connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone (iPhone and Android). This allows you to start text scrolling while presenting and speed up/delay the scrolling. You then clamp your smartphone in the clamp. For this, smartphones with a width of up to about 8 cm are suitable. To enable text scrolling, several apps are available for iPhone and Android. Click on the link for an example. It is important that you enable the 'mirror mode' of the app. This will display the text in mirror image on your smartphone, showing it correctly in the reflection.


  • 1x Teleprompter with mirror glass
  • 1x Black cloth for camera
  • 3x Black felt for smartphones
  • 1x Camera bracket
  • 1x Smartphone adapter
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • 1x User manual

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Price incl. VAT: € 89,95

Article number:Help572559

StudioKing is our very own Dutch brand. The assortment consists of many indispensable accessories for your photo and video studio. From mobile green screens to background boards and from ring lights to snoots and beauty dishes. StudioKing's assortment focuses mainly on the private user and semi-professional and is enormously popular among photographers and content creators.






STUDIOKING in short:

• Extensive, affordable assortment
• Popular line of LED ring lights, hugely popular among content creators such as vloggers and YouTubers
• Numerous accessories: green screens, background boards, softboxes, autocues and more
• Extremely suitable for the private user, hobbyist and semi-professional
• On StudioKing products we offer a 2 year warranty