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f Marumi T2 Adapter Minolta 7000/Sony Alpha
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Marumi T2 Adapter Minolta 7000/Sony Alpha



The Marumi T2 Adapter Minolta 7000/Sony Alpha is used to attach a camera adapter with T2 thread to a Minolta 7000 or Sony Alpha camera. In this way it is possible to take pictures of observations which you do with for example a spotting scope, telescope and / or microscope.


Application Marumi T2 Adapter Minolta 7000/Sony Alpha

On your spotting scope you screw a special camera adapter which you connect with this T2 adapter. In this way it is suitable to attach to the bayonet mount. You remove the lens from your camera and place the T2 adapter which is connected to your spotting scope or other optical device.

A T2 adapter is the connection between your optics and camera. In combination with a telescope you can photograph celestial bodies and with a microscope you can make razor-sharp detailed pictures of, for example, bacteria and/or parasites. When you combine your camera with a spotting scope you expand it with a kind of telephoto lens.

Technical data
Internal thread: M42x0,75mm



  • 1x Marumi T2 Adapter Minolta 7000/Sony Alpha

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