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f Buteo Photo Gear Snoot / Lens Cover Light Brown for Hide
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Buteo Photo Gear Snoot / Lens Cover Light Brown for Hide

The snoot is made of the same strong material as our hides. All snoots are available in the same homemade camouflage leaves pattern which fits with the patterns/colors of our hides, and are black coated on the inside.
Attaching it to your hide is easy: remove the original window, then mount the snoot using the Velcro. This takes just a couple of seconds. After that, the snoot can be attached tightly to the lens or lens hood using the cord with clip. Directly above the snoot, there's an additional viewing window with insect screen, so you can keep an eye on the surroundings perfectly.
The camouflage for lenses is waterproof for normal rain conditions, but can always be additional watertight by using an impregnation spray.

At the Buteo Mark II series and the Aquila Mark II series multiple snoots can be used. This can be useful if you want to use additional photo windows, or in case you're with 2 photographers (Aquila).
In case you use one of the Falco Mark II or Falco Mark III series, just one snoot/lens camouflage cover is needed.

Experiences from our specialists

  • Quickly attached to the hide.
  • Interchangeable with all tents.
  • Camouflages even better your gear.
  • Strong fabric that can take a beating.


  • Snoot / lens cover Light Brown

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 34,95

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Capture the best Wildlife moments with Buteo Photo Gear. The range consists of hide and camouflage products. With these you photograph and film in nature, without being recognizable to animals as humans. Buteo Photo Gear is managed by enthusiastic nature photographers. For more than 15 years they have been designing, producing and offering you specified shelter tents.