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f Buteo Photo Gear Bean Bag 1 Saddle and Belt
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Buteo Photo Gear Bean Bag 1 Saddle and Belt

The Beanbag 1, Saddle & Belt is a compact beanbag (26cm x 24.5cm), ideal for a camera with a telephoto lens or a telescope.
The beanbag has an adjustable, removable shoulder strap.


Applications Buteo Photo Gear Bean Bag 1:

The beanbag can be used on a variety of surfaces. It is perfect to use when photographing from your car. But also from a low shelter tent (e.g. the Falco series) on the (forest) ground or from a tree branch it is perfect to use. With its V-shape, it can be easily adapted to different surfaces.
Moreover, the rice bag is equipped with an additional strap that makes it easy to carry or use as a counterweight under a tripod. This carrying strap is easy to adjust as it has adjustable clips that can be mounted in two lengths. The strap is also removable if desired.

Use the beanbag to place your camera/lens firmly and stably on top for maximum support. You can also use it to rest right on top of your camera/lens combination to dampen vibrations.

On the top you will find our unique camouflage pattern, made of strong and waterproof polyester. This material is also easy to clean.
Use the high-quality zipper to fill or empty the rice bag. Beans, grains, split peas or other organic materials are suitable for filling the beanbag. Another option are plastic fillings consisting of EPS or granulated pellets. Plastic does not rot and is therefore longer usable.

Key features Buteo Photo Gear Bean Bag 1:

  • Material top: polyester camouflage print.
  • Fabric bottom: polyester black.
  • Weight: 260 grams.
  • Size: 34 cm x 22 cm x 32.5 cm (HxWxL)
  • The Beanbag comes without filling.



  • 1x Buteo Photo Gear Beanbag 1, Saddle and Belt - without filling

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 39,95

Merk:HelpButeo Photo Gear
Afmetingen:Help34 cm x 22 cm x 32.5 cm (HxWxL)
Type of accessory:HelpBean bags

Capture the best Wildlife moments with Buteo Photo Gear. The range consists of hide and camouflage products. With these you photograph and film in nature, without being recognizable to animals as humans. Buteo Photo Gear is managed by enthusiastic nature photographers. For more than 15 years they have been designing, producing and offering you specified shelter tents.