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f Stealth Gear Gaiters
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Stealth Gear Gaiters

These Stealth Gear Gaiters are adjustable in length: Short for hiking boots and longer for rubber boots, for example. The Extreme Gaiters are ideal for many types of outdoor activities such as urban and nature photography.

Important features

  • Waterproof.
  • 100% sturdy Polyester.
  • Adjustable in length.
  • Easy to close with velcro + strings.
  • Keep your feet and legs perfectly dry.
  • Extremely strong metal and adjustable strap under the foot.

Warm and comfortable

While walking through snow or heavy forestry, you will stay dry and warm thanks to the length-adjustable gaiters. Fastened around the boots and your legs by a strap, the Extreme Gaiters provide protection from branches and thorns and prevent mud and snow from entering along the top of the boot. The gaiters are ideal for hiking with your camera through the countryside while keeping your legs and feet warm and dry.

In emergency situations, the Extreme Gaiters can also be used as a rain cover. This can be done by attaching the ankle section around the end of the lens. An example of this is shown in the photo below:

Experiences of our specialists

  • Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Strong but flexible polyester
  • Stay perfectly dry and warm.
  • Strong fabric that lasts.


  • Stealth Gear Gaiters

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