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f Stealth Gear Camouflage Net Puffin 90x180 cm
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Stealth Gear Camouflage Net Puffin 90x180 cm

The Ultimate Freedom Camonet Puffin 90 x 180 cm is a small and lightweight camouflage net, ideal to store in your backpack or trouser pocket as additional camouflage for yourself, equipment or to camouflage a car window.

Perfect camouflage

If you often walk in the wild, you will soon realise that birds and mammals are very afraid of humans.

Camouflaging yourself and your equipment is the best way to successfully photograph wildlife. The basic idea is that the animals no longer see or recognise us as human beings and therefore do not feel threatened. The use of a camouflage tent, a mobile camouflage tent or a camouflage net can be very useful. This camouflage net is large enough to camouflage your carwindow, yourself or your equipment.

Experiences from our specialists

  • Large enough to partially cover your tent, yourself or a carwindow.
  • Clear view at yoursurrondings.
  • Lightweight, so little extra weight.
  • Easy to use in seconds.
  • Fits in your pocket.


  • Stealth Gear Camouflagenet Puffin 90x180 cm.

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Expected delivery time: 6 weeks
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Price incl. VAT: € 16,95

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Immerse yourself in nature with Stealth Gear. The shelter tents and accessories ensure that you are fully camouflaged in the landscape. This makes you invisible to animals. Start your wildlife adventure with specialized Stealth Gear shelter tents. Also discover the accessories: seat cushions, bean bags, camouflage clothing and much more.