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f StudioKing Background Clamp 2 Pcs. 15 cm
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StudioKing Background Clamp 2 Pcs. 15 cm

This background clamps set from StudioKing consists of two clamps of 15cm. The clamp is practical for attaching various studio accessories. For example, the clamp prevents unwanted unwinding of your background paper. The background clamp weighs only 98 grams (each) and has the dimensions 158 x 120 x 23 mm. The clamp can be opened up to +/- 60mm.

Usage StudioKing Background Clamp 2 Pcs. 15 cm

You can us this clamp to fix background boards, background paper, background cloths, reflectors etc. to a tripod or rod. When using it with a background paper roll, the clamp needs to be mounted on the side and not on the background roll itself. This prevents damages on the rol.


  • 2x StudioKing Background Clamp 15 cm

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 7,95

Length:Help+/- 155mm


Studio King

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Studio King Studio King is a Dutch brand with a strong core range of popular products in the field of studio photography.

The Studio King brand is characterized by a strong value for money and top-class studio items for a low price. The range is composed by Benèl BV, one of the largest distributors in photo studio products in Europe.

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