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f StudioKing Daylight Kit PK-SB608K 2x85W
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StudioKing Daylight Kit PK-SB608K 2x85W

The PK-SB608K set from StudioKing is a complete solution for creating natural lighting. This ensures a perfect picture when recording interviews and presentations. The colour temperature of 5500K ensures beautiful daylight. You can also use the PK-SB608K set for taking product photos. Because the lamps can be moved and you can adjust them in height and angle, you will light the subject perfectly. The set consists of one 85W daylight lamp per octabox. The supplied diffusion cloths provide an extra soft light. Two sturdy tripods provide a stable base. These have a maximum height of 2.07 cm. The softboxes have an opening of Ø 65 cm.

Power PK-SB608K

The power of these spiral lamps can be multiplied by a factor of 5, for comparison with the luminous intensity of an incandescent lamp. The power of this 85W lamp is therefore comparable to 425W. Note: there are different qualities and price ranges of lamps available. It is therefore wise to compare the light output (measured in LUX) of each lamp or brand. The real light output of this lamp is mentioned in the specifications at the bottom of this page.

Application PK-SB608K

The set is specially designed for creative filmers and photographers, who want to create a beautiful picture at any location. You take the set with you wherever you go in the supplied bag, which goes extra fast because of the collapsible octaboxes. Besides interviews and product photography, the set is also recommended for vloggers.


  • 2x Octabox
  • 2x Spiraallamp 85W
  • 2x Tripod
  • 2x Diffusion cloth
  • 1x Bag

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 109,00

Article number:Help572590
Power (Watts):Help170W
Color temperature (K):Help5500K
Dimensions (cm):HelpSoftbox: 65x65x59 (HxWxD)
Cooling fan:HelpNo fan cooling
Light Output (LUX) @ 0.5m:Help2750
Light Output (LUX) @ 1m:Help1060
Light Output (LUX) @ 2m:Help351
Weight:Help6.53 kg
Minimum height tripod (cm):Help89
Maximum height light stand (cm):Help207
Number of sections tripod:Help3
Spread tripod:Help80 cm

StudioKing is our very own Dutch brand. The assortment consists of many indispensable accessories for your photo and video studio. From mobile green screens to background boards and from ring lights to snoots and beauty dishes. StudioKing's assortment focuses mainly on the private user and semi-professional and is enormously popular among photographers and content creators.






STUDIOKING in short:

• Extensive, affordable assortment
• Popular line of LED ring lights, hugely popular among content creators such as vloggers and YouTubers
• Numerous accessories: green screens, background boards, softboxes, autocues and more
• Extremely suitable for the private user, hobbyist and semi-professional
• On StudioKing products we offer a 2 year warranty