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f Falcon Eyes Lamp with Octabox 80cm LHD-B928FS 9x28W and 5x85W
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Falcon Eyes Lamp with Octabox 80cm LHD-B928FS 9x28W and 5x85W

The Falcon Eyes LHD-B928FS Lamp Holder + 80cm Octabox Combi Set is complete with 9 28W spiral lamps, which each have a power comparability of 140W. The LHD-B928FS also comes with 5 85W spiral lamps, which each have a power comparability of 425W. The spiral lamps provide a stable color temperature of 5300K. 

The LHD-B928FS is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography. This set is easy to mount and allows you to create a soft and even light around a person or object. The LHD-B928FS is equipped with 5 power switches, allowing you to switch the lamps on and off separately. If you wish to minimize your light output, you can simply switch off 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 of the lamps.

Falcon Eyes LHD-B928FS Lamp Holder + 80cm Octabox Optional Accessories

The 9 delivered 28W spiral lamps can be replaced with 5 40W, 55W, 70W or 85W lamps. The maximum light output is 2125W, which is equivalent to 5 85W spiral lamps. Due to the thickness of the delivered 85W lamps, only 5 can be used at the same time. Optionally, a combination of 5 40W lamps and 4 28W lamps can be used. 5 of the 55W or 70W lamps can also be used, however due to their size, 4 28W lamps cannot be used to fill the rest of the sockets. Further, the LHD-B928FS can be easily mounted on a universal light stand and a reflector can be used instead of the supplied octabox. Such optional accessories can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

For information about setting up your octabox, please click here.


  • Lamp Holder LHD-B928FS
  • Octabox 80 cm
  • 9 x Spiral Lamp 28W
  • 5 x Spiral Lamp 85W

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 288,75 for € 259,00

Article number:Help2040
Brand:HelpFalcon Eyes
Adjustability:HelpOn/off, 5 buttons for switching 2, 4, 6, 8 or 9 lamps on
Cooling fan:HelpNo fan cooling
Accessory connection:HelpFalcon Eyes bayonet

As one of the biggest players in Europe in the field of lighting for photo and video, FALCON EYES cannot be missed. With a complete range of LED lighting, studio strobes and accessories, Falcon Eyes offers everything to complete your professional studio. For example, the wide range includes many different LED lights: from powerful soft lights to flexible LED panels and from low-budget ring lights to professional RGB panels. But also for flash lighting, background paper, softboxes and tripods, Falcon Eyes has the solution for you.

Falcon Eyes






FALCON EYES in short:

• Complete range of products to set up your (professional) studio
• Modern line of LED lighting: bi-color, RGB, theme effects and can be controlled with smartphone
• Suitable for photo and video shoots in your studio and on location
• We have been selling Falcon Eyes for over 25 years
• On Falcon Eyes articles we offer 2 years warranty