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Limited Offer
f Marumi Grey Filter DHG ND32 67 mm
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Marumi Grey Filter DHG ND32 67 mm

A Marumi DHG ND (Digital High Grade Neutral Density) is a gray filter that allows you to control the bright light entering the lens. These ND32 filters are multi-coated, the reflection of the incoming light is greatly reduced without disturbing the color balance.

Usage Grey Filter DHG ND32 67 mm

If there is too much light or you want to use a different aperture with the same shutter speed, for example, you can use a gray filter. The light intensity is reduced by the filter. With the Marumi DHG ND32 filter, you can slow down a certain aperture value by 5 stops. You do not need to pinch the aperture further if you want a slower shutter speed. This slower shutter speed enables you to capture a movement in an image and prevents the moving image from being ''ghosted''. A good example is a picture of running water as shown in the pictures.

Features Grey Filter DHG ND32 67 mm

The DHG filters are made of extra strong tempered glass and have a multi-coating which makes them moisture, scratch and dirt resistant. Because of this, the DHG filters are also easy to clean. Because of the thread, stacking multiple filters is possible, so you can combine different filters with each other.

  • Prevents ghosting and reflection
  • Optimum light transmission through multi-coating
  • With the right diameter suitable for every camera lens
  • Metal housing
  • Without vignetting (no rounding in the corners)
  • Also suitable for wide-angle lenses and fullframe cameras
  • Black coating on the outer edge of the lens for minimal reflection



  • 1x Marumi Filter DHG ND32 67 mm
  • 1x Packaging

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 49,95

Diameter (mm):Help67 mm

The Marumi brand has been a success on the market for more than 20 years. Marumi offers a complete range of camera filters, front lenses, converters and numerous other camera accessories. Marumi filters are regularly reviewed as good to very good in various trade magazines and journals. The range includes inexpensive entry-level to multi-coated filter, which can easily compete with the best in the market. This ensures that Marumi appeals to a wide audience.






MARUMI in short:

• A complete range of camera filters, front lenses and converters
• A big name in the market for more than 20 years
• Suitable for both the demanding and novice photographer
• Made in Japan; an important source for lenses and crystal