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f Marumi Magnetic Grey Filter ND1000 100x100 mm
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Marumi Magnetic Grey Filter ND1000 100x100 mm

The Marumi Magnetic Grey Filter ND1000 (100x100mm) is a rectangular filter which allows you to capture a continuously changing landscape beautifully and easily. The Marumi ND1000 (Neutral Density) is specially designed for use with the Marumi Magnetic Filter Holder M100, which is available separately (see optional accessories). Due to the magnetic frame you attach the filter safely and quickly to the filter holder. The Marumi ND1000 then ensures that the bright light is controlled, resulting in a neutral photo color. In addition, you can slow down a certain aperture value by 10 stops. The shutter speed through this filter is 200 seconds, giving you a slower shutter speed while the aperture remains the same. This allows you to capture a movement without duplicating the moving image.

Furthermore, the filter glass contains a multicoating (Schott B270 glass), making it anti-scratch and water-repellent on both sides. This prevents for example fingerprints on the glass. The anti-static property of the filter glass also prevents sticking of dust particles and dirt.

Usage Marumi Magnetic Grey Filter ND1000

The rectangular glass of the Marumi ND1000 contains a metal frame on the sides, with a wide grip at the top and wavy edges at the side. This makes the filter easy to hold. Due to the magnetic grip you attach the filter to the holder easily, so you can use the filter instantly. The holder then grabs the filter firmly, so that no vignetting occurs. You can stack a total of three filters to the Filter Holder M100, which can be easily adjusted in height by the magnetic strip.


  • 1x Marumi Grey Filter ND1000 (100x100 mm)
  • 1x Filter pouch
  • 1x Full-color packaging

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 215,00


The Marumi brand has been a success on the market for more than 20 years. Marumi offers a complete range of camera filters, front lenses, converters and numerous other camera accessories. Marumi filters are regularly reviewed as good to very good in various trade magazines and journals. The range includes inexpensive entry-level to multi-coated filter, which can easily compete with the best in the market. This ensures that Marumi appeals to a wide audience.






MARUMI in short:

• A complete range of camera filters, front lenses and converters
• A big name in the market for more than 20 years
• Suitable for both the demanding and novice photographer
• Made in Japan; an important source for lenses and crystal