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f StudioKing Macro LED Ring Lamp Dimmable RL-160
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StudioKing Macro LED Ring Lamp Dimmable RL-160


The RL-160 from StudioKing is a universal 10W ring lamp with a 95+ CRI value. Thanks to the included adapters, you can easily attach the RL-160 to your camera lens. In one simple move, you can slide the desired adapter firmly into the ring lamp. Then it's a matter of seconds to mount the RL-160 on your lens. The RL-160 has a color temperature of 5600K. You can set the brightness between 10% and 100%, divided into 20 steps. You simply place the RL-160 on a 1/4 inch male thread. With the included adapter, it's possible to slide the RL-160 onto your camera's hotshoe. The RL-160 is powered by 6 AA batteries (not included). Also included is a cable, which allows the RL-160 to be connected to a universal power adapter (DC 6-17 Volt, not included).

Usage RL-160

There are various possibilities of using the RL-160. When creating portrait photos, you can create beautiful circles in the eyes (see example photo). The RL-160 also produces the right light when shooting macro photos and shooting regular smaller objects. Because the LEDs are placed around the lens, shadows in your picture are minimized. The LEDs shine their light in an angle of 45 degrees. This results in a large range; even over a distance of a few meters. The included adapters are suitable for lenses with a diameter of 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm and 67mm.

Differences RL-130, RL-160 and MRC-80FV

The RL-130 is a simple ring lamp, used only for close-up pictures. In addition to the continuous mode, there is also a mode in which light is emitted only when taking a picture, but this light is not fiercer than the usual continuous illumination. With the MRC-80FV there is a real flash visible, while making a photo. The RL-160 is the most powerful of the three, and also has the largest range. The RL-160 transmits only continuous light. Therefore, no separate controller is required. All equipment, including the batteries, is incorporated into the ring. Check the other two ring lights at the optional accessories.

  RL-130 RL-160 MRC-80FV
Power 5W  10W   3,7W
Color temperature 4800K   5600K  5500K
Number of LEDs 46  160  80 
Continue light Yes Yes   Yes
Flash light Yes No Yes

Separate controller
(On the hotshoe)

Yes  No  Yes 
Power source 4x AA-battery

6x AA-battery
Wall socket

4x AA-battery



  • 1x RL-160 ring lamp
  • 6x Adapter ring
  • 1x adapter cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Packaging

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 99,95

Number of LEDs:Help160
Adjustability:HelpContinuously variable
Dimensions:Help16 x 16 x 2cm
Weight:Help180 grams
Light Output (LUX) @ 0.5m:Help1600
Light Output (LUX) @ 1m:Help400
Light Output (LUX) @ 2m:Help139
CRI (Ra):Help95

StudioKing is our very own Dutch brand. The assortment consists of many indispensable accessories for your photo and video studio. From mobile green screens to background boards and from ring lights to snoots and beauty dishes. StudioKing's assortment focuses mainly on the private user and semi-professional and is enormously popular among photographers and content creators.






STUDIOKING in short:

• Extensive, affordable assortment
• Popular line of LED ring lights, hugely popular among content creators such as vloggers and YouTubers
• Numerous accessories: green screens, background boards, softboxes, autocues and more
• Extremely suitable for the private user, hobbyist and semi-professional
• On StudioKing products we offer a 2 year warranty