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f Carson Magnifiers Promo Set with Free Counter Display
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Carson Magnifiers Promo Set with Free Counter Display

This Carson Promo Set is a complete magnifier set with a free full-color Carson display to place on your counter or elsewhere in your showroom. With this set you will receive 2x 10 Carson magnifiers. Please note that the design of this display is in Dutch.

What magnifiers are included in this set?
The promo set comes standard with 10 different magnifiers (2 per type so 20 total). These are similar to each other, yet substantially different. For example, you will receive scaffolding magnifiers, a flexible (table) magnifier and a handy extendable pop-up magnifier. Some are equipped with a rubber handle or LED lighting, others have a table stand. The exact contents of this package can be found below in the delivery field and in the images.

Practical information about the display
The full-color display is made of cardboard, has custom fits and comes with a removable top card. The display has a double bottom to keep the magnifiers firmly in position. You can write your sales price per magnifier yourself on the bottom plate. On the back of the display you will find practical information about the magnifiers, such as magnification and lens diameter. This allows you to provide your customer with information immediately when he or she asks you something. All statements on the display are in Dutch.

How do I get the magnifiers into the display?
Because the counter display is custom made, you can easily and safely place the magnifiers into position. The cardboard display itself is delivered ready-made, so you do not have to assemble it yourself. The magnifiers are delivered individually in blister packs. The products you place in the display therefore only need to be removed from the packaging the first time and placed in the correct position. With the contents of this package you will receive an overview on which you can see exactly which magnifier belongs where.

How can I reorder the magnifiers?
If you have run out of stock, there are two ways to make an additional order. The most economical option is to use one of the special Carson stock sets. In that case you will receive 2 or 5 of each magnifier from this display, depending on which set you order. Of course, you can also order each magnifier from 1 piece separately. You will find both the stock sets and the individual magnifiers under "optional accessories". In the overview provided, which you have already read about above, you can immediately see which item number belongs to which magnifier. So you know immediately which item to order.

Application Carson Promo Display Set

This display provides an attractive presentation of the magnifiers, for example on your counter, counter or elsewhere in your showroom. Because the display is custom made for the magnifiers, your customers can easily take them out of the display and put them back in. Because you receive two pieces of each magnifier, you have one-to-go and one-to-show.

Dimensions of the display

• Height (excl. top card): 30 cm
• Height (incl. top card): 45 cm
• Length (from front to back): 26.2 cm
• Width: 29.3 cm
• Height of front: 9 cm


  • 2x Carson SG-14 (Handheld Magnifier Deluxe 2x130mm with rubber grip)
  • 2x Carson AS-95 (Handheld Magnifier Deluxe 2x110mm with aspherical lens and
    LED light)
  • 2x Carson SG-10 (Handheld magnifier Deluxe 2x90mm with rubber grip)
  • 2x Carson SG-16 (Handheld magnifier Deluxe Rectangular 2x85mm with
    rubber grip and table stand)
  • 2x Carson HU-20 (Handheld Magnifier Basic 2x130mm with classic grip)
  • 2x Carson JS-24 (Handheld Magnifier Basic 2x110mm)
  • 2x Carson DS-36 (Handheld Magnifier Basic 2x90mm)
  • 2x Carson JS-18 (Handheld Magnifier Basic Rectangular 2x85mm)
  • 2x Carson PO-55 (Pop-Up Pocket Magnifier 5x40mm with LED)
  • 2x Carson GN-55 (Flexible Table Magnifier 2x110mm with LED and Table Stand)
  • 1x FREE full-color cardboard counter display with top card
  • 1x Printed overview with item number, buy price and MSRP

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 370,95 for € 350,00

Article number:Help2466
Type of Magnifier:HelpMagnifier with handle, Foldable, Table magnifier, Display / Special packages, Other
Diameter of the lens:Help85mm, 90mm, 110mm, 130mm
Built-in lighting:HelpYes, Yes (LED), No
Usage:HelpReading, Embroidery, Biology and Outdoor, Jewelry, Electronics

For all small accessories during outdoor activities or home use, Carson is the right place. The American enterprise Carson has an interesting, creatively curated assortment of small handy tools. Examples include magnifiers, digiscoping adapters and mini night vision cameras. All products are just that little bit different. This range is aimed not only at adult users, but also at children. How about their own Carson kids line. The ideal give-aways!

CARSON in short:

• Complete assortment of small, handy accessories
• Universal products, but with a difference
• Indispensable for outdoor and home use
• Ideal for all ages: from adults to the youngest children
• Carson items carry a 2-year warranty

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