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f Boya Universal Smartphone Video Kit BY-VG350
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Boya Universal Smartphone Video Kit BY-VG350

Boya's BY-VG350 is a universal video set for any smartphone, which consists of the Boya BY-MM1+ shotgun microphone, a mini table tripod with smartphone clamp and an LED light. Do you find that poor sound and illumination during video recordings or online meetings so annoying too? The Boya BY-VG350 video kit takes all your video sessions to the next level!

Boya BY-MM1+ microphone

With this set you will receive a compact shotgun aiming microphone: Boya BY-MM1+. This is specially designed to improve the sound quality of videos compared to built-in microphones in your smartphone. Unlike the regular BY-MM1, the BY-MM1+ has a higher sensitivity and produces less noise. There is also an additional 3.5mm port to which you can connect headphones, for example, so you can listen in real time with the recording. The microphone functions without batteries, so you never have to worry about battery status. You connect the microphone to your smartphone using the 3.5mm jackplug. Your cell phone then provides phantom power so you can use the Boya microphone. A shock-mount (to reduce unwanted vibrations) and a windscreen (to minimize wind noise and noise) are included as standard. This makes the set also suitable for outdoor use.

How do I position everything perfectly?

To securely fix your smartphone, an adjustable table stand is included. Included with this tripod is a smartphone clamp, in which you can fix your cell phone and position it perfectly for you. If you want to position your smartphone in a higher position, you can use the extension tube to extend the table stand as it were. With the headset you can adjust the angle. The clamp has a threaded connection to which you can attach the BY-MM1+ microphone. Then you turn on the LED lighting and you can optimally illuminate yourself.

Application Boya BY-VG350 Video Set

This set is ideal for use in videoconferencing, online meetings and chat sessions. So the BY-VG350 lends itself well as a homeworking set, but is also very valuable for e.g. vloggers, YouTubers and use in podcasts. With this set you provide a stable, reliable recording with just that extra bit of light. The set is universal, so suitable for all types of smartphones (both iOS and Android). With this set you will make sure you are clearly visible and audible during this session.

Important note: The BY-VG330 comes with a three-year warranty through this sales channel only (after registration via the special warranty card included in the package).


  • 1x BY-MM1+ Shotgun-Microphone
  • 1x LED lamp
  • 1x Dead cat wind screen
  • 1x Mini table tripod with ball head
  • 1x 3.5mm Jackplug
  • 1x Smartphone clamp
  • 1x Shock-mount (shock absorber)
  • 1x Extension tube
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Warranty card
  • 1x Full-color packaging

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Expected delivery time: 24 days
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Price incl. VAT: € 99,95

Gewicht:Help508 grams

For many years, the Boya brand is specialized in making high-quality microphones. Because the brand has its own development laboratory, they can continue to provide high quality products, at a competitive price!

The company is specialized in making microphones for photography and other digital audio devices. The microphones of Boya are suitable for renowned brands including: Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Samsung, Lycra, Apple (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Each Boya product shows the passion to achieve an excellent sound quality!

When you buy Boya products through us, we have an exclusive offer: only with Benel will you receive a three-year warranty, after registration via the warranty card in the packaging.

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