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f Byomic DIY Making your own preparations
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Byomic DIY Making your own preparations

Making your own specimens has never been so easy and fun!

Make your own specimens with the Byomic DIY Self Specimen Making kit. This kit contains "almost" everything you need. "Almost" because you still need to find what you want to make specimens from yourself!

First read how to make your own specimens after which we explain all the accessories provided:  

How are specimens made?

  1. Take a slide using tweezers and place a drop of water in the centre.
  2. After this, the object can be placed in the drop using tweezers.
  3. Now grab a coverslip with the tweezers and carefully place it on the object.
    Do this by placing the coverslip against the preparation needle and slowly lower the preparation needle.
  4. If there is now too little water under the coverslip, drip a little more water on the side of the coverslip.
    This will then automatically be "sucked" under the coverslip.
  5. Now the specimen is ready for viewing with the microscope.

Explanation of the supplied accessories:

Object slides

These are thin pieces of glass measuring 25 x 75 mm. They are used to hold objects, for examination under a microscope. Object slides are usually used in combination with coverslips.


These have a size of 18x18 mm. You use the coverslips to put over your microscopic specimen. This keeps the specimen protected from external influences. Coverslips are used only once.


To store your samples, a handy storage box is included. It has space for 25 specimens and the dimensions of the box are 98x83x32 mm (WxDxH).

Preparation cutlery

To avoid damaging specimens, you will find several tools in this kit. All with their own specifications. You will find the following tools in this kit:

The scalpel blades are razor-sharp. We recommend that they are only used under adult supervision!

Preparation needle

The preparation needle is 11.5 cm and is used to move objects to the correct position on the slide.

Microscopic tweezers with blunt tips

The 12-cm microscopic tweezers are used to grasp and move objects and slides. This way, the objects remain intact and no (finger) marks are created on the slides and/or coverslips.

Microscope scissors (both straight and curved)

The microscope scissors are used to adjust the size of objects to use them as specimens. You can also treat them further using the scalpel blade. The total length of both microscope scissors is 13.5 cm and the blades are 3.5 cm long.

Scalpel holder with scalpel blade

With the scalpel holders with scalpel blades, unusable parts of the specimens can be cut away very precisely. In this way, the most beautiful specimens can be created. Both scalpel holders including blade have a length of 14.5 cm and feature a handy handle.

Case with press stud

All tools can be stored and transported in this pouch when not in use. The case is divided into 5 compartments so that everything can be stored in an orderly fashion.
In the back there is room for the microscope scissors and in the middle there is room for both tweezers. In the front, the preparation needle can be inserted in the middle while you slide the scalpel holders on the outer sides.


  • 1x Byomic Preparation Cutlery In Case
  • 50x Byomic Object Glasses 25x75 mm
  • 200x Byomic Covering Glasses 18x18 mm
  • 1x Byomic Case for 25 Preparates

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