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f Konus Preparation Set Zoology 2 (25 Pcs)
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Konus Preparation Set Zoology 2 (25 Pcs)

The Konus preparation set series consist a wide range of prepared slides from the wonderfull world of zoology, botanics and the human body. These series contain single-celled creatures, invertebrates (insects), vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals), botanics and the human body. Important themes as animal parasites and the animal/plant reproduction are covered as well. This way, children, students and microscope enthusiasts can learn more about the wonderfull world of microscopy.

The set contains the following preprared slides:
1. Culex common house mosquito female
2. Culex common house mosquito male
3. House fly
4. Drosophyla, fruit fly
5. Mosquito heads male and female
6. Mosquito male mouth parts
7. Mosquito female mouth parts
8. Butterfly, mouth parts (lapping type)
9. House fly, proboscis w.m. (sponging type).
10. Honey bee mouth parts
11. Insects digging legs
12. House fly leg
13. Insects swimming legs
14. Insects leaping legs
15. Insects tale pollen leg.
16. Cricket wings showing file and scraper w.m.
17. House fly wing and halteris
18. Butterfly wing with scales
19. Antenna types five kinds
20. Insect compound eye
21. Prawn eye lateral section through ommatidia w.m.
22. Cornea, flat mount to show fawcets
23. Honey bee (Apis mellifica), ovary of the queen.
24. Insect trachea
25. Mapighian tubes grasshopper


  • This set contains 25 different prepared slices about General Biology
  • De prepared slices are packed in a pratical and attractive plastic box
  • On each prepared slice there’s individual a discription.
  • With each prepared slices set comes a discription containing which other sets are available


  • 1x Konus Preparation Set Zoology 2 (25 Pcs)

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Price incl. VAT: € 39,95


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