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f Byomic Beginners Microscope set 40x - 1024x in Suitcase
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Byomic Beginners Microscope set 40x - 1024x in Suitcase

The Byomic Beginners Microscope Set 40x - 1024x in Case is the ideal microscope for young and old with an interest in microscopy. This biological microscope comes with two wide-angle eyepieces (WF10x and WF16x) and an objective revolver with three interchangeable objectives (4x, 10x and 40x). This allows a maximum magnification of 1024x to be achieved. Stronger magnification can be achieved with the included Barlow lens. The Byomic Beginners Microscope is also equipped with a USB eyepiece so the image can be displayed on a computer or laptop. It is also possible to use the microscope on a Digiboard making it ideal for use in the classroom. The set comes complete with microscope cutlery and specimens, among other things. All this is packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case.


The microscope has a metal housing and a movable 90 x 70 mm table. With the focus wheel you set the correct height of the table, allowing you to view the specimen in razor-sharp focus. The table is equipped with two handy clamps for clamping a specimen and preventing it from moving. The table is also equipped with a colour filter disc with five colours (red, orange, yellow, green and blue), allowing you to illuminate the specimen with a different colour so you can observe the specimen differently..


Deze oplicht- en doorlichtmicroscoop wordt gevoed door een voedingsadapter welke met de schakelaar bediend kan worden. U kunt schakelen tussen beide verlichtiingsstanden maar er ook voor kiezen om beide aan te zetten. Onderin de voet zit een draaiwiel waarmee u de sterkte van de verlichting kunt bepalen. 

Application Byomic Beginner's Microscope Set 40x - 1024x in Case

The Microscope Set 40x - 1024x in Suitcase is suitable for viewing bacteria and parasites in fish and examining manure, among other things. The Byomic Beginners Microscope Set is also perfect for examining blood and urine.

It is also possible to purchase eyepieces with other specifications. To do this, you remove the Barlow lens from the tube and a Ø 23mm eyepiece can be inserted. The Barlow lens can also remain in the tube, only then a Ø 20mm eyepiece can be inserted.

To use the usb eyepiece, a CD with software is supplied. This software is suitable for Windows XP, VISTA, 7,8 and 10. If your computer or laptop does not have a CD player, you can download the software here.


  • 1x Beginners Microscope 40x - 1024x in Suitcase
  • 1x WF10x Wide-angle Ocular
  • 1x WF16x Wide-angle Ocular
  • 1x Barlow lens
  • 1x USB MicrOcular (cable length 1 meter)
  • 1x Software
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Microtome (to cut very thin slices with)
  • 1x Colour filter disc with 6 colours
  • 1x Box with 5 slides and 5 permanent specimens
  • 1x Shrimp incubator
  • 1x Yeast
  • 1x Eraser media
  • 1x Sea salt
  • 1x Shrimp eggs
  • 1x Power adapter (cable length 1.4 metres)
  • 1x Protective cover
  • 1x Solid plastic carrying case
  • 1x Manual (NL, GB, DE, FR, IT, ES and PT)

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 149,00

Article number:Help260507
Type:HelpDigital, Biologisch
Usage:HelpCells, Micro-organisms, Tissue, Blood, Koi, Minerals, Coins, Stamps, Insects, Plants
Lighting:HelpReflectionlight, Transmissionlight, Reflectionlight and transmissionlight
Light source:HelpLED
Color body:HelpGrey
Material body:HelpMetal
Focussing system:HelpCoarse
Eyepieces:HelpWide angle 10x en 16x
Eyepiece diameter:Help23 mm
Objective lens:Help4x, 10x, 40x
Type of objectives:HelpAchromatic
Color filter wheel:HelpYes (red, orange, yellow, green and blue)
Dimensions:Help100 x 160 x 290 mm
Weight:Help1.5 Kg
Crosstable:Help90 x 70 mm
Magnification:Help40x - 1024x
Type of head:HelpMonocular
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload 260507 beginners microscope set 40x 1024x in suitcase





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