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f Byomic Study Microscope BYO-30
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Byomic Study Microscope BYO-30

The Byomic Study Microscope BYO-30 is a biological microscope with backlighting. This makes the microscope extremely suitable for viewing cells and micro-organisms. The BYO-30 is a microscope for experienced users and is often used in secondary schools. The minimum magnification can be set from 20x to no less than 640x.


The BYO-30 has a sturdy metal housing with an integrated table of 100 by 90 mm which is equipped with two sturdy clamps to hold a specimen well in position. Because the specimen does not move, you can observe it without any problems. Also included is a cross table which can be mounted on the table. This allows you to clearly see the size of the larva you are observing. By mounting the cross-table, you first have to remove the clamps from the table.

With the focus wheel the distance between the objective and the table can be adjusted. This makes it possible to observe the specimen at the correct distance.

On the back of the housing, next to the power cable, is the on/off switch to control the lighting and on the other side is the fuse. To the far right of the microscope you will find the turning wheel for the illumination.


The Byomic BYO-30 is equipped with one wide-angle eyepiece with a magnification of 10x and two eyepieces with a magnification of respectively 5x and 16x. Of course it is also possible to use eyepieces with other specifications. The tube fits eyepieces with a diameter of 23mm. (see optional accessories).
There are three achromatic lenses (4x, 10x and 40x) in the objective-revolver so that a maximum magnification of 640x can be achieved. It is possible to change these lenses so that other magnifications can be achieved as well.


The Byomic BYO-30 has an LED on the base underneath the table that provides the backlighting.
Underneath the table there is a five-hole swivel wheel with different sizes. This makes it possible to determine the amount of light that is let through. The brightness of the lighting can also be controlled with the castor on the right side of the table.

Application Byomic Study Microscope BYO-30

The Byomic Study Microscope BYO-30 is suitable for viewing bacteria and parasites in fish and manure. The Byomic Study Microscope BYO-30 is also an excellent choice for examining blood and urine.


The following table shows the magnifications that can be achieved with an optional eyepiece.


What magnifications are achieved with the following eyepiece?
  4x Objective 10x Objective 40x Objective
standard Eyepiece 20x 50x 200x
standard Eyepiece 40x 100x 400x
standard Eyepiece 64x 160x 640x
264017 Eyepiece WF 20x 80x 200x 800x
264016 Eyepiece WF 16x 64x 160x 640x
264015 Eyepiece WF 15x 60x 150x 600x



  • 1x Byomic Study Microscope BYO-30
  • 1x 5x Eyepiece
  • 1x WF10x Wide-angle eyepiece
  • 1x 16x Eyepiece
  • 1x DIN achromatic objective with 4x magnification
  • 1x DIN achromatic objective with 10x magnification
  • 1x DIN achromatic objective with 40x magnification
  • 1x Protective cover
  • 1x Manual

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 219,00

Article number:Help263030
Type:HelpBiologisch, Study
Usage:HelpCells, Micro-organisms, Tissue, Blood, Koi, Stones, Minerals, Stamps, Insects, Plants
Light source:HelpLED
User:HelpBeginner, Gevorderd
Color body:HelpWhite
Material body:HelpMetal
Focussing system:HelpCoarse and fine
Eyepieces:HelpH5x, WF10x and H16x
Eyepiece diameter:Help23 mm
Objective lens:Help4x, 10x and 40x
Type of objectives:HelpAchromatic
Dimensions:HelpBack 19cm, Arm 17cm, Total height 37cm
Weight:Help3,27 kg
Batteries:HelpNone, works on 220v
Working distance (mm):Help7 ~ 20 mm
Condenser:HelpAbbe Condensor
Crosstable:HelpMetal, 99 x 109 mm with specimenholder
Magnification:Help40x - 640x
Type of head:HelpMonocular





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