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f AGM Afocal 3x Magnifier Lens 61023XA1
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AGM Afocal 3x Magnifier Lens 61023XA1

The AGM 3x magnifying lens 61023XA1 is a powerful, afocal magnifying lens. It turns your night vision viewers from the AGM Wolf and PVS series into a mid-distance night viewer. These night vision monoculars and bi-oculars have an optical 1x magnification, which you can thus bring to 3x with this magnification lens. This allows you to observe at longer distances.

This magnifying lens has high light transmission and features a multi-coated lens. To mount the magnifying lens, screw it into the thread of the objective lens of your night vision monocular/bi-ocular. Standard accessories and adapters are included with this product.

This magnifier can be used with the night vision viewers of the following series:

• AGM PVS-14
• AGM Wolf-14 Pro
• AGM Wolf-7

Application AGM 3x Afocal Magnifying Lens 61023XA1

This magnifier turns your night vision viewer from AGM Global Vision into mid-long rage night vision optics. Your night viewer has a 1x magnification and a large field of view (to replace your own eye at night). With this magnifying lens you can actually observe at greater distances, at the expense of the field of view. Because this magnifier can be easily (de)mounted, you turn your night vision goggles into a 2-in-1 viewer.


  • AGM Afocal Magnifier Lens 61023XA1 (3x Optical Magnification)

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 329,00

Type of accessory:HelpZoom Lens
Accessory for:HelpAGM Night Vision IIT

The American AGM Global Vision is an increasingly large and important player in the field of thermal imaging and night vision. AGM is pre-eminently the brand for tactical applications, hunting, airsoft, outdoor and any demanding enthusiast. The product range extends from handheld thermal imaging cameras and night vision viewers to thermal rifle scopes and clip-on scopes. AGM produces rugged mid- and high-end products and can easily compete with other well-known names in the market.


• Complete range of thermal imaging monoculars, binoculars and rifle scopes from the mid- and high-end segment
• High-end night vision equipped with Photonis Commercial and ECHO image intensifier tubes
• Innovative fusion cameras which combine thermal imaging with digital night vision
• Ideally suited for hunting, airsoft, tactical, outdoor and nature observations
• AGM items carry a 3 year warranty

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