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f AGM Sioux940 Long-Range IR Illuminator 940nm/800mW
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AGM Sioux940 Long-Range IR Illuminator 940nm/800mW

The AGM Sioux940 is a 800mW powerful LED infrared illuminator with an invisible 940nm wavelength. It is indispensable in situations where there is little or no residual light. The Sioux940 is suitable for every night vision viewer with Weaver/Picatinny (side)rail, but you can also use it handheld. This product comes standard with an IR mount, rechargeable 18650 battery and battery charger.

The 940nm IR Illuminator results in:

• That you can still see when there is no residual light present
• An invisible infrared glow (IR source) and beam for human eye and animals
• A significant increase in viewing distance of up to 600 metres
• An increase in accuracy in identifying objects
• Much better recognition of the smallest details

The infrared beam has a wavelength of 850nm, which is most common for night vision applications. With an 850nm IR you have the widest range, but it does produce a red glow in which the IR source is looked at at close range. The IR beam itself is invisible to the naked eye. The main advantage of the 940nm wavelength is that it is completely invisible. You can adjust the power (0-100%) and the infrared beam (4 to 35 degrees) yourself. This allows you to 'illuminate' a larger or smaller area of the environment.

With the included mount you can easily attach the IR Illuminator to any Weaver/Picatinny (side)rail. The device is powered by the supplied rechargeable 18650 battery. You will also receive a charger to charge the battery and a carrying pouch to carry it safely.

Application AGM Sioux850 Long-Range IR Illuminator

This infrared beam is extremely suitable when you want to be able to see with your nightvision/night rifle scope even when there is little or no ambient light. With this 940nm IR, both the infrared beam and the infrared glow are completely invisible to humans and animals. In addition, you increase the viewing distance up to 600 metres. An IR Illuminator can be used in a wide range of applications, such as tactical applications. But also for hunters, survival or general nature observations this is an indispensable accessory. The human eye cannot detect the IR light, but you can see the 'illuminated' area through night vision viewer.

Infrared light: 940nm vs. 850nm

When comparing IR Illuminators with different wavelengths, you can use the following rule of thumb in general:

• Wavelength 940nm: The infrared glow is invisible. In terms of power/viewing distance you do deliver in comparison to 850nm IR
• Wavelength 850nm: Maximum power for maximum viewing distance. The red glow is visible at close range

Other specifications

• Output: 800 mW
• Wavelength: 940nm
• Beam angle: 4 to 35 degrees (adjustable)
• IR type: LED
• Power supply: 1x 18650 battery (included)
• Indicative operating time: 10 hours (1/4 power) / 2.5 hours (continuous full power)
• Weight: 225 grams
• Dimensions: 153 x 48 x 48 mm


  • 1x AGM Sioux940 IR Illuminator
  • 1x Infrared mount (Weaver/Picatinny)
  • 1x Rechargeable 18650 battery
  • 1x Battery charger
  • 1x Storage pouch
  • 1x User manual

Currently out of stock.
Expected delivery time 5 weeks
Email me when in stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 199,00

Type of accessory:HelpInfrared Illuminator
Accessory for:HelpAGM Night Vision IIT, Yukon Photon RT and XT, Yukon Sightline, Weaver/Picatinny general, Handheld

The American AGM Global Vision is an increasingly large and important player in the field of thermal imaging and night vision. AGM is pre-eminently the brand for tactical applications, hunting, airsoft, outdoor and any demanding enthusiast. The product range extends from handheld thermal imaging cameras and night vision viewers to thermal rifle scopes and clip-on scopes. AGM produces rugged mid- and high-end products and can easily compete with other well-known names in the market.


• Complete range of thermal imaging monoculars, binoculars and rifle scopes from the mid- and high-end segment
• High-end night vision equipped with Photonis Commercial and ECHO image intensifier tubes
• Innovative fusion cameras which combine thermal imaging with digital night vision
• Ideally suited for hunting, airsoft, tactical, outdoor and nature observations
• AGM items carry a 3 year warranty

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