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f Sionyx Aurora Extended PRO Explorer  NVG Kit
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Sionyx Aurora Extended PRO Explorer NVG Kit

The Sionyx Aurora Extended PRO Explorer NVG Kit is an extensive night vision set specifically designed for the hands-free user. With this set you change the Sionyx Aurora PRO into night vision goggles. This makes it a true kit for tactical use and airsoft.

Sionyx Aurora PRO

The Aurora PRO is a digital, ultra-low-light night vision camera that is the only one in the market that can display night vision in color. The night vision viewer is a great alternative to the much more expensive traditional, analogue night viewers. The Sionyx Aurora PRO already provides a clear image at the most minimal form of ambient light, such as starlight, moonlight or a clear sky. This allows you to use the night vision camera almost anytime, without having to use an infrared torch, which of course is not desirable in situations with opponents.

The night camera features a next-gen CMOS sensor, a large 44 degree field of view, and optical 0.5x magnification (up to 3x with digital zoom). The camera is compact, lightweight and waterproof. The device also offers many indispensable features, such as a recording function, live streaming to mobile devices and augmented reality, to quickly find your fellow players.

Helmet bridge

The dual helmet bridge in this set is a sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction that allows you to mount your Sionyx Aurora PRO to a helmet. The bridge is fully adjustable to your own preference. So you can choose whether you want to hang the viewer in front of your left or right eye. You can also move it horizontally and forward / backward to place the viewer perfectly in front of your eye. You can also flip it up sideways. Useful in situations when you quickly want to switch between night vision and your own eye's vision. The bridge has a dovetail mounting. The arm (NVG mount) that connects the bridge to the helmet is not included.

Lens protection shield

You will receive a custom-made, 3D-printed protective lens that you can place over the objective lens. The plexiglas is strong enough to withstand multiple impacts from BB airsoft balls at a speed of about 90 meters per second (approx. 1 Joule). This test involved 0.20 grams of BB-type airsoft balls. In practice, this means that the lens will protect against most impacts during airsoft. Of course, this protection lens also offers normal protection against dirt and scratches.

IR torch

In some situations there is simply no ambient light present, for example in a dark room with four concrete walls. In that case you can use the 940nm infrared illuminator. You can connect this to many helmets or weapons via the Weaver/Picatinny connector. The IR torch is not intended to be attached to the night scope itself.

Other accessories

Finally, you will also receive all sorts of smaller accessories, such as a 32GB microSD card, two batteries with matching battery charger, and a mounting plus battery for the IR Illuminator. You can take it all with you in the waterproof transport case. In case you want to mount the Aurora PRO on an (airsoft)weapon, you can use the included Weaver/Picatinny rail mount.

Application Sionyx Aurora Extended PRO Explorer NVG Kit

This kit is specifically designed for the user who wants to observe at night and keep both hands free. This makes the Extended Pro Explorer Kit indispensable for tactical users and airsofters. From a helmet mount to a comfortable eyecup, this set offers everything you need as a user.


  • 1x Sionyx Aurora PRO Color Night Vision Camera
  • 1x Helmet Bridge (Dovetail mount)
  • 1x Objective Lens Protection
  • 1x IR Illuminator
  • 1x Helmet Mount for IR
  • 2x Rechargeable 18650 Battery for IR
  • 1x Battery Charger for 18650 Battery
  • 2x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for Aurora PRO
  • 1x Battery charger for Li-ion batteries
  • 3x MicroUSB cable
  • 1x MicroSD card (32GB)
  • 1x MicroSD card adapter
  • 2x Allen wrench
  • 1x Carrying cord
  • 1x Wrist strap
  • 1x Transport case
  • 1x Quick start guide (full manual can be downloaded below)
  • 1x Full-color packaging

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Expected delivery time: 5 weeks
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Price incl. VAT: from € 1.983,90 for € 1.949,00

Type of night vision viewer:HelpDigital night vision
Quality:HelpGeneration 2 (digital)
Applications:HelpAirsoft / Shooting, Astronomy, Security, Defence / Police, Hands-free, Hunting, Nature observations, Navigation, Rescue operations, Survival / Safari, Tactical
Vergroting:Help0,5 to 3x
Diameter objectief:Help19mm (premium optics)
Viewing:HelpColor night vision, Daytime mode, Twilight, Greyscale
Infrared integrated:HelpNo, IR Illuminator (940nm) is included separately
Display quality:HelpMicro OLED full-color (1028x768)
Statiefdraad:HelpYes (1/4" thread)
Memory card included?:HelpYes (32GB)
Dimensions:Help118 x 63 x 52mm
Weight:Help254 grams
Warranty:Help2 years (SiOnyx registration required)
Recording quality:Help0.9MP (photo)/720p (video)
Viewing angle:Help44 degrees
Focusing distance:Help30 cm
For daytime use?:HelpYes
Power:HelpLi-ion battery (2 batteries included)
Operational temperature:Help-20 to +50 degrees Celsius

SIONYX: turn night into day instantly!

SiOnyx is a USA based company engaged in the development and production of affordable colour night vision cameras. SiOnyx night vision cameras are the first in the market to be able to display the surroundings in colour at night.

Of course, animals and objects do not change colour in the dark. However, the human eye is not able to see those colours at night. SiOnyx ensures that you can see those colors at night. With the introduction of the Aurora series, these high-end night viewers are now accessible for the commercial market!

By means of patented ultra-low-light sensor technology, the CMOS sensor is able to process the environment at night in colour. The Auroras can 'see' at infrared wavelengths of more than 1100nm. With this technology SiOnyx distinguishes itself from all other digital and analogue night vision devices in the market. The image sensors improve the performance of the night vision devices, which are often used in commercial, industrial, medical and defence related applications.

The ultra-low-light sensor not only ensures that the environment can be displayed in colour at night, but also results in unparalleled light output. Whereas other night vision brands often use infrared auxiliary light, this is no longer necessary due to the CMOS sensor at SiOnyx. This makes these night vision cameras, for example, also extremely suitable for wide environments, such as on the open sea or vast landscapes.

SiOnyx: there's nothing to see... except EVERYTHING

SIONYX in short:

• The first night vision cameras that can display in vivid colors at night
• At the most minimal form of ambient light, the cameras provide crystal-clear images
• Ideally suited for nature observations, airsoft, tactical and boating
• Ideal low-cost alternative to residual light intensifiers
• We offer a 2 year warranty on Sionyx product

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