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f Outdoor Club Wild Camera Night vision
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Outdoor Club Wild Camera Night vision

The Outdoor Club 12MP Night Vision Wild Camera enables you to film during the day and at night. The Night Vision Wild Camera is suitable as a game or hunting camera, but is also perfect for use as a security camera. This camera is equipped with three 60º sensors that scan together a field of 180º, which ensures that the camera is never too late to capture images with the camera.

The wild camera has a discrete dark grey colour with matte finish, is compact and simple to use. The inside of the camera is equipped with an LCD screen and navigational buttons, where adjustments can be made to the settings of the camera.

The night vision camera is supplied with a strap enabling you to attach the camera to a tree or post. Further, the wild camera is equipped with a ¼” female screw thread enabling you to alternatively mount the camera onto a tripod equipped with a ¼” spigot. The camera is powered by either 4 or 8 AA batteries through which a standby time of 16 months (with 8 AA batteries) can be reached. The videos and photos taken with the camera can be stored on a Micro SD-card up to 32GB.

Outdoor Club 12MP Night Vision Wild Camera Features

  • Movement and Warmth Sensor
  • Low glow IR night vision with a range of 20 metres. (Low glow does not affect most animals. They are not bothered by it and will do what they intend).
  • PIR sensors: 3 sensors with a viewing angle of 120°
  • Adjustable 3,5,8,12 or 16 Megapixel Camera
  • Capacity: up to 20,000 Photos (when used with a 32 GB Micro SD-card)
  • HD Quality Video (1920 x 1080P)
  • Time Indication on Recordings
  • Time Lapse Option
  • Unique 3-way Sensor
  • 5 MP CMOS Image Sensor
  • 1 Second Trigger
  • Large LCD (2.4") Screen for Playback of Photos and Videos
  • Waterproof (IP66)
  • 20 m Infrared Flash Range
  • 25 m Detection Range
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +60°C



  • Outdoor Wild Camera
  • Mounting Band
  • USB Cable
  • Video Cable
  • Wall Mount
  • No Batteries Included

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 139,00

Article number:Help535210
Brand:HelpOutdoor Club
Measurements:Help135x90x76 mm (lxwxh)
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload 535210 manual
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If you are looking for quality wildlife cameras, OUTDOOR CLUB is the right brand. With various wildlife cameras, Outdoor Club offers a recognizable, high quality range. How about the wildlife camera that can record at night in 4K? Outdoor Club's cameras are widely used by nature lovers, for example to see what is walking around in the forest at night. This way, you will be able to make recordings, which you as a person could never have made yourself!
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OUTDOOR CLUB in short: 

• Recognizable range with various wildlife cameras
• Take the best shots of (wild) animals you could never get close to yourself
• Products in different quality classes, including the Night Vision 4K
• Beautifully designed cameras in true camouflage colors 

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