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f Braun Digital Photo Frame Digiframe 8 Slim 8 Inch
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Braun Digital Photo Frame Digiframe 8 Slim 8 Inch

This Braun Digital Photo Frame Digiframe 8 Slim 8 Inch is an inconspicuous digital photo frame with a high-quality 21cm (8") TFT LCD screen for displaying your digital images, video clips and MP3 music files. The Braun Digital Photo Frame Digiframe 1060 10.1 Inch comes with an integrated speaker and a headphone jack for connecting separate speakers so you can listen to your favourite music while playing photos. To play back photo, video and music files, simply insert an SD / SDHC memory card and/or a USB memory stick into the back of the photo frame. When the photo frame is switched on, the files are played back immediately when you insert a memory card or USB memory stick. With a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, your photos will be displayed razor-sharp as they were taken with a digital camera or smartphone.

The Braun Digital Photo Frame Digiframe 8 Slim 8 Inch also has various setting options which, in addition to the control panel on the back, can also be easily adjusted using the supplied remote control. For example, it is possible to zoom in on the images and to rotate them. It is also possible to adjust the brightness and contrast so that the Braun Digital Picture Frame Digiframe 8 Slim 8 Inch can jump out in any room. In addition to all these options, a slide show can also be displayed.

The Digiframe 8 Slim is equipped with a motion sensor, so that the photo frame can be switched on as soon as it detects movement. This makes the Braun Digital Photo Frame Digiframe 8 Slim not only decorative but also extremely durable. It has a total size of 20.2 cm x 14.8 cm and 6.1 cm thick can be placed horizontally on a surface. Because the Digiframe 8 Slim is equipped with a loudspeaker and can play slide shows, movies and music, the Digiframe 8 Slim will never get boring.

Application Braun Digital Photo Frame Digiframe 8 Slim 8 Inch

Simply place the photo frame on a surface and connect the power cable. After this, the photo frame will start automatically, after which you can change the basic settings, including the language, date and time. You can also set the photo frame to turn on and off on desired days of the week and specific times. By pressing the Menu button you go back one step in the menu, making it possible to select other options and change settings. Because the Digital Photo Frame 8 Slim 8 Inch has the English language and comes with a remote control, setting it up is child's play.


  • 1x Braun Digiframe 8 Slim 8 Inch
  • 1x Power cable (1 meter)
  • 1x Remote
  • 1x CR 2025 battery
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Colur packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 109,00

Article number:Help535675
Type Photo Frame:HelpDigital
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload manual

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