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f DNP Paper 300 Prints Standard SD 10x15 for DP-QW410
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DNP Paper 300 Prints Standard SD 10x15 for DP-QW410

This paper makes it possible to make standard prints up to 10x15 cm and is suitable for the DNP QW410 printer. Below you will find an overview of all types of paper that are suitable for the QW410 printer. The paper you are looking at is printed in bold.

Product number Prints per box Finish Formats possible
 670506  300  Premium 10x15 cm, 10x10 cm, 5x10 cm
 670507  300  Standard 10x15 cm, 10x10 cm, 5x10 cm
 670508  220  Premium 11x20 cm, 11x11 cm, 5x11 cm
 670509  220  Standard  11x20 cm, 11x11 cm, 5x11 cm

Usage DNP paper

DNP's dye-sublimation photo paper allows you to create high quality colour photos without white borders. The paper can display 16.7 million real colours. The lamination layer on the front of the paper protects your photos from UV rays, dust, fingerprints and even water. Matt and glossy finishes can be applied to this paper by your DNP printer without having to change the roll. It is not recommended to use different media widths on the same printer. For more information, read the manual.

Difference Premium and Standard paper

There are two types of paper available for the QW410, the premium and the standard paper. Currently you are looking at the standard paper. The premium paper can be found in the optional accessories. The premium paper is of a heavier quality. The paper is thicker and also has better white and black values (and thus improved contrast).


  • 2x Paper roll
  • 2x Ink ribbon
  • 300 prints per box

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 58,50

Paper for:HelpDNP QW410
Dimensions (cm):Help10 x 15 (4 x 6 inch)

Originally from Japan, DNP has been around for more than 20 years and is the pioneer in dye sublimation printing. DNP produces high-end printers that use heat to get the colors on the paper. Continuous innovations provide all-in-one solutions such as passport photo systems and wireless printing. Whether you take passport photos, want to print regular photos or are looking for a printer specifically for your photobooth, DNP has the right solution for every application.







DNP in short:

• A printer for every situation: passport photos, photobooths or regular prints (Windows and macOS)
• Printing is possible from only € 0,07 per print, printing can be done in less than 9 seconds
• With almost 10 years of experience we can always give you the right remote support
• We can often repair unexpected defects in our internal repair department
• On DNP items we offer a 2 year warranty or a set number of prints