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f StudioKing Honeycomb Grid SK-HC18 for Standard Reflector
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StudioKing Honeycomb Grid SK-HC18 for Standard Reflector

The SK-HC18 by StudioKing is a honeycomb which fits into a standard 18 cm reflector. Thanks to the reflector you can reduce the light beam: the light is spread at an angle of 40 degrees. If you would work without this reflector, the light would be spread at an angle of up to 180 degrees. The SK-HC18 gives you more control over the light, so you can illuminate the subject in exactly the right place. The flexible bracket on the side ensures that the SK-HC18 clamps firmly into the reflector.

SK-HC18 application

When taking photos or videos with an 18 cm reflector, you can use the SK-HC18 for a smaller beam. This allows you to adjust the backlight so that the light hits the back of the head during interviews. This creates a nice illuminated edge around the interviewee's head. The 40-degree beam also shows up well on walls and ceilings, so you can create more atmosphere by illuminating certain areas. Because the SK-HC18 is made of metal, it can be used with virtually all types of lamps; continuous light, flash light and halogen light are no problem at all.


  • 1x Honeycomb

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Price incl. VAT: € 10,95

Article number:Help573121
Dimensions (cm):HelpØ 16.9 x 1.2


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