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f StudioKing Standard Reflector SK-SR18 18 cm
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StudioKing Standard Reflector SK-SR18 18 cm

The StudioKing Standard Reflector SK-SR18 is a reflector suitable for studio flash units with an 18 cm diameter and a Bowens/Linkstar bayonet connection. With this reflector SK-SR18 you can limit the angle of the flash light to approximately 55 degrees. This allows you to give the light more control, because without a reflector the flash light goes in all directions and therefore a lot of light would be 'lost'.

Application SK-SR18

If you want to direct the light of your flash or continuous light more and optionally make it softer, the SK-SR18 reflector can also be used in combination with an umbrella. The SK-SR18 reflector can make the light a bit narrower. As you can see in the pictures, there is a special ring with which you can attach the umbrella to the reflector. The umbrella you can use in combination with this reflector can be found at optional accessories


  • 1x Studioking Reflector

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Price incl. VAT: € 14,95

Article number:Help573120
Dimensions (cm):HelpBlack
Connection:HelpLinkstar S-bayonet


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