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f Falcon Eyes Tri Reflector Bracket with Reflectors and Tripod
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Falcon Eyes Tri Reflector Bracket with Reflectors and Tripod

The Falcon Eyes Tri-Reflector Bracket is complete with 3 reflectors and a light stand and is particularly suitable for portrait photography. The reflector holder is ideal when working with just one flash unit or when using indirect flash lighting. Whether you wish to use, two or all three reflectors, the desired effect can always be achieved. The tri-reflector is incredibly versatile and, depending on how it is set up, can be used to highlight the chin and cheeks of your subject.

Falcon Eyes Tri-Reflector Bracket Specifications

The Falcon Eyes Tri-Reflector Bracket is complete with a ∅ 82 cm reflector and two ∅ 56 cm reflectors. All three reflectors have a gold and silver side. The silver side can be used to reflect hard light and the golden side can be used to create a warm, golden colour. The included light stand has a maximum height of 260cm and the reflector bracket can hold up to 3 reflectors.


  • 1 x Falcon Eyes Tri Reflector Bracket PRTK-2436
  • 2 x Falcon Eyes Reflector CFR-22GS (Ø 52 cm)
  • 1 x Falcon Eyes Reflector CFR-32GS (Ø 82 cm)
  • 1 x Light Stand W806 114-260cm

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 144,75 for € 129,00

Brand:HelpFalcon Eyes
Type:HelpReflector 2 in 1
Diameter open (cm):Help56 (CFR-22), 82 (CFR-32)
Diameter folded (cm):Help20 (CFR-22), 30 (CFR-32)

Falcon Eyes

Falcon Eyes

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Falcon Eyes was founded in 1993 in Hong Kong and makes inexpensive photostudio quality equipment. Benèl takes care of the distribution of Falcon Eyes for 20 years across Europe.

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Falcon Eyes offers everything for a professional photo studio except for the camera and lens. The broad and deep assortment includes a number of products for the amateur photographer.  Falcon Eyes reaches everyone who is working with photography, from hobbyist to professional.

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