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f Konus Cantilever Mount Universal
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Konus Cantilever Mount Universal

With the Konus Cantilever Mount Universal you mount your rifle scope on your rifle in an easy way. This allows the rifle scope to be mounted further forward, creating space to use a magnifier. This also provides better relief for the eye and creates a larger field of view to work with. The Konus Cantilever Mount Universal is suitable for 25.4 mm and 30 mm tube and offers more adjustment possibilities than other Cantilever Mount. This allows you to mount the rifle scope to your own preference, reducing the chance of missing the target even further.

Application Konus Cantilever Mount Universal

To use the Konus Cantilever Mount Universal, loosen the upper ring half from the bottom half. Then unscrew the ring clamp at the bottom left, after which you can attach it to the Weaver or Picatinny rail. If a tube of 25.4mm is used, all the four reduction rings must be placed after which you place the rifle scope on the lower ring halves. Now the upper ring halves are attached to this and the rifle scope can be set in the desired position. When the rifle scope has reached the correct position screw it on firmly.

When you want to position the rifle scope forwards, the three screws can be removed with the supplied Allen key. After this, the Konus Cantilever Mount Universal can be set to 7 different positions, after which you fix the two screws again. Should the front of the unit become too heavy and the unit does not feel comfortably in your hand, then the assembly can be slid backwards as desired. After this you tighten all screws and the Konus Cantilever Mount Universal is ready for use.


  • 1x Konus Cantilever Mount Universal
  • 2x Allen key
  • 1x Open-end wrench
  • 1x Packing

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 89,95

Type accessoire:HelpRifle Scope Mount
Suitable for Tube size:Help25.4 mm, 30 mm

Konus LogoThe Italian company Konus has been delivering product since 1979 for both hobbyist and professional users. The products are of high quality and have a very complete finish. Additionally Konus offers excellent service.

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