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f Orangemonkie LED Light Halo Bar
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Orangemonkie LED Light Halo Bar

The Halo Bar system from Orangemonkie is an optional accessory for the Foldio3. The Halo Bar system consists of two compact LED bars, which you attach to the Foldio3 using the built-in neodymium magnets. In a single Halo Bar there are 24 LEDs, with a color temperature of 5700K. This gives just that little extra light for a good picture. With the supplied cable, you can connect the Halo Bars to a special power port of the Foldio3. This means that the lamps can not be used separately from the Foldio3.

Usage Halo Bar

In general, the Foldio3 has enough light for a good quality picture. However, in some situations, for example products with overhangs, it may be desirable to play with the angle of the light. A Halo Bar can, for example, illuminate the underside of a scale model of a car. The color temperature and LEDs of the Halo Bar are perfectly matched to the Foldio3.

Halo Bar


  • 2x Halo Bar LED lamp
  • 1x Cable for connection to Foldio3
  • 1x Packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 51,95


With Orangemonkie's products, you can have your own little 360-degree studio at home. The popular Foldio and Smart Dome sets provide you with all the accessories you need to photograph smaller products in 360 degrees, with an even white background. The turntables can be controlled with your smartphone and photos can be saved automatically. Using free software, you can easily create 360-degree "spins." Ideal when you want to present your products in a modern and distinctive way in your webshop. 360 degree photography is the future!





• Very suitable for product photography of jewelry, watches and eyewear, for example
• The compact solution for photographing smaller products in 360 degrees all around
• Easily create 360-degree "spins" with easy-to-understand software
• Compatible with your smartphone (iOS and Android) and many DSLR cameras
• We offer a 2-year warranty on items from Orangemonkie

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