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f Matin Smartphone Adapter CR3 M-7123
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Matin Smartphone Adapter CR3 M-7123

The Matin CR3 M-7123 is the ideal adapter when you want to mount your smartphone on a tripod or selfie stick. The adapter is extendable and therefore suitable for smartphones with a width of 5.5 cm to 9 cm. This allows you to use the CR3 with virtually all cell phones, including all recent iPhone models and Android smartphones. The sturdy clamp ensures that your smartphone is safely secured. In the process, the rubber ends provide a strong grip and prevent damage to your smartphone.

Usage Matin Smartphone Adapter CR3

The smartphone adapter features two 1/4" female threads, one on the long back and one on the side. This allows you to attach the adapter to selfie sticks or tripods. This makes the adapter (and therefore your phone) suitable for both horizontal and vertical use. You can think of taking a selfie, group photo or watching a video on your phone. Using the optional accessories, you can also attach the adapter to a tube, for example.


  • 1x Smartphone adapter CR3 M-7123
  • 1x Packaging

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Price incl. VAT: € 16,95

Suitable for:HelpiPhone, HTC, Samsung, Sony, iOS, Android

MATIN is the brand for numerous small photo accessories. The South Korean brand has been sold in Europe for decades and can be found in almost every Dutch and Belgian photo store. The assortment includes many useful accessories for your photo and video camera. From lens caps to sunshades and from cleaning items to even smartphone accessories; all small but indispensable accessories can be found at Matin.




MATIN in short:

• A complete range of handy little photo accessories
• Low-cost but indispensable line
• Lens caps, sunshades and much more
• A well-known name in the Benelux for more than ten years