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f StudioKing Beauty Dish White SK-BD550W 55 cm for Falcon Eyes
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StudioKing Beauty Dish White SK-BD550W 55 cm for Falcon Eyes

The StudioKing SK-BD550 consists of a white beauty dish (Ø 55 cm) which, in addition to a honeycomb, diffuse cloth and reflector, also comes with an 152mm adapter ring for Falcon Eyes flash units. As the name suggests, a beauty dish allows you to photograph people in the most beautiful way. It provides a wide spread and a nice contrast, so that details of a person (e.g. skin tones or muscles) are highlighted in a beautiful way. Compared to a silver beauty dish, this white color provides even softer light.

How does it work?

You attach the reflector to the inside of the beauty dish to the three 'sticks'. This causes the light to be reflected and distributed. The honeycomb can be used to direct the flashlight more. With the diffusion cloth you can soften the light. With the supplied adapter ring the Beauty Dish can be used with 152mm flash units of Falcon Eyes.

With which brands of flash units can I use the beauty dish?

You can easily use this beauty dish with many different brands, including Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Falcon Eyes, Hensel, Multiblitz and Linkstar. Adapter rings are available for all of these brands, which you can find in the optional accessories. In addition to the 152mm adapter rings, you can also connect this beauty dish to adapters with a 144mm diameter. This can save you a considerable amount of money, because you no longer need to buy the original accessories.

Application StudioKing Beauty Dish White SK-BD550

This universal beauty dish is ideal for photographers who want to beautifully accentuate the face or body of 'their' model. This makes the StudioKing SK-BD550 a frequently used tool for portraits or fashion shoots. With optionally available adapter rings you can use this StudioKing beauty dish universally with numerous different flash units. In general, this is recommended: the greater the distance to the subject, the larger the beauty dish you use should be.


  • 1x StudioKing Beauty Dish White SK-BD550W (Ø55cm)
  • 1x Honeycomb
  • 1x Diffuse cloth
  • 1x Relector
  • 1x Falcon Eyes 152mm Adapter ring

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 119,00

Article number:Help573108
Type:HelpBeauty Dish, Honeycomb, Diffuser with Honeycomb
Series:HelpGN/TE (Falcon Eyes), GL (Falcon Eyes), TF (Falcon Eyes), DE (Falcon Eyes)
Dimensions (cm):HelpØ 55
Connection:HelpFalcon Eyes bayonet
Exchangeable speed ring:HelpYes


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