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f Falcon Eyes Ceiling Rail System B-3030C 3x3 m incl. 4 Pantographs
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Falcon Eyes Ceiling Rail System B-3030C 3x3 m incl. 4 Pantographs

The Falcon Eyes B-3030C Ceiling Rail System is complete with 4 Pantographs and is ideal for a photo studio. The B-3030C enables you to hang all of your studio flash units in the position and height you desire without the use of light stands. The bottom set of rails run along the top set of rails via rail carriages, enabling you to move the rails forwards and backwards. The pantographs are also run along the bottom set of rails via rail runners, enabling you to move them from left to right. Further, the pantographs are mounted onto the spigot integrated in the rail runners. You studio flash units/studio accessories can be hung from the pantographs via the integrated spigot. Each of the pantographs can bear the weight of up to 6.5 kg. If your studio flash unit/studio accessory doesn’t fit on the supplied spigot, we have a number of spigots varying in size, available for purchase. Please see the optional accessories tab below for all compatible spigot adapters. Further, if you wish to extend the size of the B-3030C from the existing 3 x 3 m to 3 x 6 m, an extension set can be purchased. This extension set is available in the optional accessories tab below. You need to attach a flash or other lamp weighing more than 1 kg to the spigot for it to work optimally. This will prevent the pantograph from inadvertently shifting upward. 600 grams is the absolute minimum per spigot/pantograph.

If you have a light studio flash, you can adjust the pantograph's carrying weight by using a screwdriver to adjust the setting ring (see photo 4).

Weight specifications

The ceiling rails have a total weight of 11kgs.
The 4 pantographs together have a weight of 24kgs (6kgs per piece).
The maximum load capacity per pantograph is 6.5 kgs.

Shipping cost
The dimensions of the package are too large for the parcel service. Therefore, you will receive the package through a special supplier. You can calculate the additional shipping costs you pay for this on the shipping costs page.


  • 4 x Pantographs with Spigot Adapters (max. extended to 2 m)
  • 4 x Rails (of which 2 fixed and 2 slideable)
  • 12 x Rail Stopper
  • 8 x Cable Runner
  • 4 x Track Runner (to mount the pantographs)
  • 8 x Mounting Plate (to mount to the ceiling)
  • 4 x Double Track Runner (to connect the beams)
  • 4 x Safety Cable
  • 64 x Cable Fastener (16pcs per set)
  • 4x Spigot for Holding the Lamps/Flashes

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 599,00

Brand:HelpFalcon Eyes
Type:HelpRail systems
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