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f Byomic Beginners Microscope & Telescope in Case
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Byomic Beginners Microscope & Telescope in Case

Byomic Beginners Microscope Set & Telescope in case is a combi of a telescope and microscope that will help the novice explorer. Through this microscope, preperates can be viewed and by the telescope the universe.

Byomic 50/360 Telescope

In the case is the Byomic 50/360 telescope that can be put out of the box within a minute. The only thing the beginner astronaut needs to do is to mount one of the two eyepieces in the mirror in the telescope and click the telescope in the standard. The telescope is ideal for children, thanks to the telescope, it is possible to start making sky observations. The telescope is resistant to a push, the standard has folded out a height of 35 cm.

Byomic 300x-1200x Mircroscope

The Byomic Beginners Microscope Set 300x - 1200x is an extensive set which makes it possible to get to know the world of microscopy. In addition to the microscope, the set contains 13 accessories that make preparations. There are already prepared preparations in the set of, for example, a onion and can be prepared with the slides and coverslips themselves.

At the foot of the microscope are 2 AA batteries (not included) for lighting. If there is enough ambient lighting, the mirror can be used which simply turns the lamp through.

Toepassing Byomic Beginners Microscope set&Telescope

The Byomic Beginners Microscope Set & Telescope is a fun set for the starting observer. Through the set, preparations can be further examined and celestial bodies can be detected. The set is in a sturdy case and offers all the necessary accessories for doing the observations.



  • 1x Reflector telescope 50/360
  • Adjustable aluminum tripod with ocular holder
  • 2 oculars: 20 and 6 mm
  • 1x Junior Microscope 300x - 1200x
  • 1 x 10x Ocular
  • 1x Spare Lamp
  • Utensils: 1x Scalpel, 1x Tweezers and 1x Needle
  • 1x Measuring Beaker 10 ml
  • 1x Box with 7 Cover Glasses & 5 Permanent Preparations
  • 1x Box with 8 Cover Slides & 8 Labels
  • Strong Case with Handle

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Price incl. VAT: € 79,95




Byomic offers telescopes and microscopes for both the novice astronomer and researcher as for the more advanced researcher. In the wide range of lenses are telescopes, mirror telescopes, micrsocopen biological and stereo microscopes.

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