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Limited Offer
f Byomic Beginners Reflector Telescope 76/700 with Case DEMO
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Byomic Beginners Reflector Telescope 76/700 with Case DEMO

This is a DEMO product: The telescope has slight dents on the housing. It does not affect the use of the telescope. The glasses of the case itself both have damage. Otherwise, the item is completely complete.

For the beginning astronomer, this Byomic Junior Mirror Telescope 76/700 makes it possible to discover the universe full of stars and planets. Therefore, this telescope is extremely suitable for children. With just a few actions, this telescope is ready to use. With the telescope comes a handy case, so that the telescope together with the tripod is easy to take with you on location. This telescope uses mirrors and is therefore also called a Newton or reflector telescope. With a mirror that has a diameter of 76mm, the telescope is able to find planets and stars that are (relatively) close to us, think craters on the moon, the mountains of the "Mary moon" and Saturn. Jupiter can also be clearly seen.

Note: With this telescope, you receive an LED finder (instead of a sighting scope) that makes it even easier to aim at an object you want to view. A red illuminated dot allows you to see where the telescope is aimed.


This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 129,00

Type:HelpNewtonian Telescope
Construction:HelpNewton reflector
Optical coating:HelpStandard
Aperture (mm):Help76
Focal ratio:HelpF/11,6
Focal length (mm):Help700
Dimensions tube (cm):Help76
Eyepiece diameter (mm):Help31,7
Weight (Kg):Help1,8
Viewfinder (mm):HelpLED
Tripod type:HelpAluminium
Tripod weight (Kg):Help0,6
Slow motion control:HelpYes, Horizontal





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