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f FLIR ONE PRO Thermal Camera for iOS
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FLIR ONE PRO Thermal Camera for iOS

The FLIR ONE PRO for iOS turns your iPhone or iPad into a thermal imaging camera. The camera helps you to easily visualize invisible problems. With a detector resolution of 160x120 pixels, this third generation FLIR One Pro is the ultimate thermal imager 'to go', for both business and private applications.

MSX technology
The image that is displayed is a combination of a thermal image and a visual camera. The FLIR MSX technique is a mixture of this visible image with the thermal image. This allows you to see sharp, easy to understand images. Using the MSX-slider you can adjust the balance of visible image and thermal image yourself. You can also turn both off completely.

Measuring and visualizing
Within the displayed image, you can use and move 3 spots. These can be set on your smartphone, after which the thermal imaging camera measures the temperature of the 'designated' object. The FLIR One Pro offers nine different color palettes in order to display heat differences as comprehensibly as possible. For example, you can use the Grey palette for the highest contrast, the 'Hottest' mode to highlight only the warmest object or the 'Rainbow' mode to see the entire colour spectrum from coldest to warmest object.

Control with your smartphone
As soon as you have the free FLIR ONE app - downloadable free of charge from the AppStore - you can easily operate the thermal imaging camera and make recordings. You can use the FLIR One Pro for iOS from iPhone 6 and newer, but also, for example, with an iPad and iPad Mini. The thermal imager has its own internal battery, so it won't drain the battery of your smartphone or tablet.

Application FLIR ONE PRO for iOS

The FLIR ONE PRO is an accessible analysis tool for visualising all kinds of heat problems and is extremely suitable for both personal and business use. Think for example of a broker, technical service, consultancy or security. You can use the thermal imaging camera, for example, to detect draughts and moisture leaks, overheating or to monitor HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Handprints also remain visible with the camera for a long time. Additionally, you can also use the device, for example, to find your pets in the dark.

You can use the device carefree, because it is IP54 certified. This means that it can withstand a fall from a height of 2 metres, is dustproof and can also withstand a downpour. 

The FLIR One Pro for iOS is a clip-on, so it can only be used together with a smartphone/tablet with an iOS operating system and Lightning port. The FLIR One Pro is also available for Android smartphones with USB-C or Micro-USB connection (see optional accessories).

Other features

• Thermal sensitivity: 70mK
• Measurement accuracy: 3°C or 5%
• Temperature measuring range: -20°C to 400°C (or -4°F to 752°F)
• Visual camera resolution: 1440 x 1080 pixels
• Equipped with internal battery, so does not take power from your smartphone/tablet
• Duration of use > 1 hour. Charging time: approx. 40 minutes


  • 1x FLIR ONE PRO Thermal Camera for iOS
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Protective cover
  • 1x Quick start guide
  • 1x Full-color packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 520,00

Item Number:Help13431950
Type:HelpSmartphone clip-on
Detector type:Help160x120 VOx (17µm)
Type of image focus:HelpFixed Focus
Usage:HelpPrivate use (general), Thermography / Building inspection
Other functionalities:HelpWi-Fi, MSX, Visual camera image
Color palettes:HelpRainbow, Iron, Arctic, Grey, Hottest, Coldest, Wheel
Refresh Rate:Help9 Hz
Weight:Help36 grams
Dimensions:Help67 x 34 x 14mm
Attachments:HelpLightning (iOS)
Power supply:HelpInternal Li-Ion battery (charging cable included)
Working Temperature:Help0 to 35 degrees Celsius (this is not the measuring range)
Water and impact resistance:HelpIP54 (Resistant to a 2m drop)
Warranty:Help2 years

FLIR, de marktleider op het gebied van infraroodcamera's

Wat ook uw infraroodtoepassing is, samen met FLIR bieden wij u de juiste oplossing! Sinds de opkomst van de eerste IR thermografie-toepassingen onderging de infrarood technologie een ware revolutie. Warmtebeeldcamera's worden nu o.a. gebruikt in de jacht, maar ook ter controle van elektrische installaties, warmteafgifte bij automatisering, etc.

Voordelen van warmtebeeldkijkers

Thermische beelden tonen een oververhitte aansluiting die met het blote oog niet waar te nemen is.
Het voordeel van warmtebeeldcamera’s ten opzicht van nachtkijkers is dat deze bijvoorbeeld ook overdag heel goed gebruikt kunnen worden. Wanneer een persoon of dier in het struikgewas zit of bij mist is deze met een warmtebeeldcamera goed te zien.

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