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f FLIR Scion PTM366 Thermal Monocular
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FLIR Scion PTM366 Thermal Monocular


Until 31 December 2022, you will receive a free FLIR GPX310 battery pack worth € 240.

The Scion PTM366 from FLIR is a monocular thermal imaging camera designed specifically for the professional user. The PTM366 features a high-end BOSON detector (640x512) pixels, an 18x13 degree field of view and optical 1.3x magnification (up to 10.4x with digital zoom). The thermal viewer has a manual focus, so you can always focus to your own preference. This makes it highly suitable for long-distance observations from a standstill or when you are moving slowly.

The PTM series (Professional Thermal Monocular) offers unique high-tech options, such as the 12um BOSON detector, FLIR TruWITNESS integration, various viewing modes and endless geo-tag recording. The integrated image upscaling chip allows pixels from multiple images to be stitched together in real-time, or 60hz. This provides a superior viewing experience.

The PTM series features several observation modes. Firstly, you can use the standard Scouting Mode, to observe as you normally would. A new feature is the Lock-Span Mode. This filters out unwanted temperatures that you don't want in the picture. Think of very cold or warm temperatures, or bright objects such as the sky or fire. With this, only objects with average temperatures are given color; filtered objects with extreme temperatures are shown in black/gray.

The third mode is Picture-in-Picture. This option allows you to zoom in further (2x) on a particular object in the image, without losing the rest of the field of view. The FLIR TruWITNESS mode allows you to stream images live, for example to an incident room.

Application FLIR Scion PTM366

The PTM366 is a high-end monocular thermal imaging camera designed specifically for wildlife research and tactical applications, such as police, defense and other forms of security or law enforcement. Due to its manual focus, this device is particularly suitable for observations from slow motion or stationary positions. This thermal camera lends itself to observations at (medium) long distances in complete darkness, poor weather conditions and the most challenging landscapes. Whether it is people camouflaging or hiding in forests, persons walking across forbidden terrain in complete darkness or a runaway car that needs to be tracked; with the Scion PTM366 everything and everyone becomes instantly visible.

These Dual-Use goods are controlled for export purposes. An export authorization is required for temporary and permanent export to all destinations outside the European Union.



  • 1x FLIR Scion PTM366 Thermal imaging monocular
  • 1x FREE rechargeable battery pack GPX310
  • 1x Battery holder
  • 6x CR123 battery (not rechargeable)
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x Belt pouch black (molle)
  • 1x Lens cloth
  • 1x Quick-start guide
  • 1x Full-color packaging

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 4.799,00

Item Number:Help13461366
Type:HelpMonocular (for 1 eye)
Detector type:Help640x512 VOx (12µm)
Display quality:Help1280x960 HD (Quad-VGA)
Lens diameter:Help25mm
Observation modes:HelpScouting, Lock-Span, Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
Type of image focus:HelpManual Focus
Field of view:Help18x13
Detection distance:HelpShort-range (max. 500m), Medium-range (max. 1.000m), Long-range (max. 1.500m)
Usage:HelpSecurity, Rescue, Hunting, Nature observations, Police / Defence, Private use (general)
Other functionalities:HelpBluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Magnetic compas, Inclinometer, Live-streaming, Picture-in-Picture
Color palettes:HelpInstAlert, White Hot, Black Hot, Ironbow, Rainbow, Glowbow, Red Hot
Storage capacity:Help2GB internal storage, MicroSD card up to 128GB (optional)
Refresh Rate:Help60 Hz
Eye relief:Help16 mm
Zoom:Help1,5x to 10,5x
Diopter Adjustment:HelpYes
Weight:Help567 grams
Dimensions:Help239 x 77 x 60 mm
Attachments:HelpTripod connection (1/4" thread)
Power supply:Help2 up to 6x CR123A battery (2 pcs included), FLIR Battery Pack GPX310 (optionally available)
Water and impact resistance:HelpIP67 (submersible) | Resistant to a 1m fall on concrete
Warranty:Help3 years with registered product | 10 year warranty on the detector

World's largest and best-known name in the field of thermal imaging and infrared cameras, the American FLIR, cannot be missed. With robust cameras from the high-end segment, FLIR offers everything for the professional and demanding user. For example, with the FLIR Scion series you benefit from a very large field of view, crucial for nature research and outdoor activities. And with the FLIR Breach, you have just the smallest thermal monocular on the market. With the right accessories from FLIR, you can even turn your own smartphone into a thermal camera! 




FLIR in short:

• One of the best-known brands in thermal imaging cameras
• Immensely popular for outdoor and nature research
• Robust cameras with exceptionally large field of view
• Not only handheld cameras, but also smartphone accessories
• We offer a 3-year warranty on FLIR articles (10 years on the detector)

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