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f StudioKing C-Stand with Light Boom FT-3203S 328 cm
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StudioKing C-Stand with Light Boom FT-3203S 328 cm

The C-stand by StudioKing is a strong and sturdy stand that is ideal for hanging heavy objects, for example: lamps, flashlights or reflectors. Because of the three-legged stand, this stand is very durable and because each leg can rotate separately you can place the StudioKing C-Stand in many difficult places. The StudioKing C-Stand with Boomarm FT-3203S has a 120 cm long boom arm allowing you to set up objects in different positions and heights. The maximum height of the StudioKing C-Stand with Boomarm is 328 cm. When the boomarm is fully extended, it has a load capacity of 10 kg.

StudioKing C-Stand with Boomarm FT-3203S specifications

The included tripod is equipped with a 3/8” spigot adapter, which can be used alone as a stand for your studio flash unit. The boomarm of the StudioKing C-Stand is 120cm long with a spigot connection on both sides, one sides has a 1/4 " male thread and the other side has a 3/8" male thread. The supplied clamps are suitable for tubes with a diameter of 5, 8, 12and 18 mm.



  • 1 x Foot
  • 1 x Stand Tube with 3 Sections and 5/8" Spigot
  • 1 x Crossbar
  • 2 x Accessory Clamps

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 219,00

Article number:Help572523
Type:HelpBoom arm
Minimal height:Help160 cm
Maximal height:Help328 cm
Sections Ø (mm):Help25, 30, 35
Diameter legs (mm):Help20 mm
Weight:Help10 kg
Maximum load weight:Help20 kg
Minimal arm length:Help120 cm
Maximal arm length:Help120 cm
Diameter screw thread:Help1/4" male and 3/8" Male

StudioKing is our very own Dutch brand. The assortment consists of many indispensable accessories for your photo and video studio. From mobile green screens to background boards and from ring lights to snoots and beauty dishes. StudioKing's assortment focuses mainly on the private user and semi-professional and is enormously popular among photographers and content creators.






STUDIOKING in short:

• Extensive, affordable assortment
• Popular line of LED ring lights, hugely popular among content creators such as vloggers and YouTubers
• Numerous accessories: green screens, background boards, softboxes, autocues and more
• Extremely suitable for the private user, hobbyist and semi-professional
• On StudioKing products we offer a 2 year warranty