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Simon Brumby - Engelish Digiscoper in the Dutch low lands

My name in Simon Brumby i was born in the North West of England but just over six years ago i quit my job and moved to the Netherlands to live with my girlfriend.
Since i was young i have always spent lots of time in nature, and birding with my father. My interest in the natural world was fueled by the wonderful imagery of the BBC Natural History television programs and my family.
I got involved in digiscoping simply to produce "proof" images of the wonderful things i had seen, but soon realised that you could with practice and understanding could produce images and film to a very satisfactory standard.

After i bought my first scope i remember saying to myself i would go out and Digiscope at least one thing every day, and this is did for over a year. Fueled with advice and by the amazing imagery from various online resources I set about raising my own digiscoping skills and continue to do so, you never stop learning!
One of the moments that spurred me on was the Long-tailed Shrike that was discovered in the dunes close to Den Helder, although the images i made back then are quite different to my more recent images i still thoroughly enjoy looking at that bird.
Most of my time out and about is spent birding and as such the majority of my images are of birds, but i do enjoy photographing just about anything that catches my eye or more importantly my imagination.

Digiscoping is the perfect fusion of birding and photography and neither one of them has to suffer at the cost of the other, it has never been easier to do them both with the advent of smart phones "phone scoping" is accessible to anyone and a brilliant starting point for digiscoping as a hobby.
It gives me a great deal of pleasure to share what knowledge i have with fellow digiscopers and nature lovers alike.

So what are you waiting for, lets get digiscoping!

Work from Simon Brumby


Most of his photo's and movies are made with his Panasonic GH4 camera with 20mm F1.7 lens and his Kowa TSN-833 with Kowa Wide Eyepiece 30x TE17W

The photo's made by Simon can be seen on his Flickr page.

The movies made by Simon can be seen on his Youtube channel.